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Kerdroya Project

Chaipel Class visits the labyrinth

In 2019 the school became involved with the Kerdroya project, a project celebrating 60 years of the Cornwall AONB.  Our school is one of 12 partners chosen to work in AONB sections across Cornwall to celebrate one of the most special aspects of what makes our landscape so unique – the Cornish hedge.  Children who were then in Talland Class learned all about Cornish hedges, their importance as a habitat, and how to build and look after them becoming hedge stewards in the process.

This week, Chaipel Class represented the school when they visited the Kerdroya Site at Colliford Lake on  Bodmin Moor. KERDROYA is a major new piece of permanent public art – a 56m diameter classical labyrinth which is being built of Cornish stone hedging. When completed, visitors will walk a single, meandering path through stretches of artisan stonework celebrating the aesthetics of distinct hedging styles from 12 Cornish locations. 

The Chief Hedger, Polperro parent Sean Williams, explained to the Class all about how the hedge is being built.  The children then set off through the labyrinth to reach the centre. They then buried a time capsule and made a wish for generations who might find their Treasure Capsule, perhaps 4000 years from now. Well done to Sophie and Olly who had the well-deserved honour of placing the time capsule in the hole before each child placed soil on top of it to bury it. 

After a picnic by the lake, the children explored the wider site and learned some Cornish words such as 'Lynn' for lake.  This was their first school trip in a long time and I was so proud of the way they enthusiastically involved themselves in everything that was going on, learning a huge amount in the process. Well done Chaipel Class.

I am pleased to let you know that the other classes will be able to visit the labyrinth next year once it is completed. Meanwhile, you can find out more about the project here.

Mrs Hillman


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