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Does everything melt? 

We've finished another full and busy week of learning in Penhallow Class. We've had been continuing with our enquiry What's it made of? We have been making our own paper, investigating melting, making aliens and playing with our new playtime equipment. We have also begun to notice many changes in our garden.
lIn Maths we have been learning about weighing and mass. Congratulations to Joey, Nuala and Chilali for achieving their 22 club badge. Also to Leo and Arnie for being our people of the week for fantastic attitudes to learning. 

Year One 
Hopefully you will have seen our SeeSaw message regarding book changing. We are beginning to prepare the Year One children for Year 2. We have a basket ready for Monday morning. The children are expected to put their book bag in the basket when their book needs changing. They will need to have read it three times at home and these reads need to be logged on SeeSaw with; a date, adult's name and a short comment.


Friday 30th April 

We've had another busy week in Penhallow Class. 

This week we are proud to say that we let our butterflies go into their natural habitats. We have really enjoyed watching their life cycle. We have also been gardening, outdoor learning and making spaceships using recycled materials. 

Today we celebrated Captain Sir Tom Moore's birthday by running 100 times (as a class) around the school playground. We used our 100 square as our starting area and were fascinated to think that he had that number of birthdays. We also sat quietly for 100 seconds and enjoyed reading his book 'One Hundred Steps'. 

Congratulations to Nuala and Flora for being our people of the week and to Joey for being our reader of the week. 

Please find attached our homework grid. We have included a selection of activities related to our enquiry What's it made of? Please do not email or bring anything into school, we would just like you to engage with the activities as a family to continue to support your child's learning at home. 

Please continue to read every day at home.
Reception: please upload any observations of your children on Tapestry. 

Thank you to everyone who has donated den building materials. We are happy to accept anything that can be used. Everything is being quarantined so it'll be safe for everyone to play with. 

Have a lovely, safe and long weekend.
Mrs Counsell, Mrs Batchelor, Mrs G and Mrs Robinson. 

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What is it made of?  

Welcome back!

It has been lovely being back in school again this week to start our Summer term together. We have been enjoying lots of outdoor playing and learning and all of the children have settled back into classroom routines and structure quickly. 

Congratulations to: Isaac and Heidi for being our people of the week.

This half term our new enquiry question is: What is it made of? We will be exploring lots of every day materials, their uses and properties. We have discussed it as a class and the children have come up with some fantastic ideas for our learning: 
What is plastic used for? How are clothes made? How do materials change? Does wood hurt?  

Today was really exciting, we heard some 'Breaking News' that a spacecraft had been spotted flying over Polperro. After an explore of our school field we found a spaceship had landed and left behind some underpants! Just like in our story that we had begun to read 'Aliens love Underpants' The children were all so brave as we were feeling slightly scared and confused about it. After talking about it in the afternoon we all felt better. I am sure the children will want to share this experience with you. 

Please see an email politely requesting materials for den building at school. 

Have a fantastic weekend, enjoy the sunshine and stay safe.
Mrs Counsell, Mrs Batchelor, Mrs G and Mrs Robinson. 


HOPPy Easter! 

Have a HOPPY Easter!

What a busy time we have had since being back together at school. This week we enjoyed Easter crafts and activities; basket making, card making and today our Egg Hunt with a visit from the Easter Bunny.

We congratulate Archie this week on being our class Visible Learner and Grace for being our person of the week for being so curious and asking lots of questions. Year One children have really impressed the adults this week as they have been writing their 'Minibeast Explanation Texts' where they have been learning about writing questions and using and, because, but for joining words and phrases. Well Done.

We had a super Gem party where we played a game of egg and spoon racing, party games and ate lots of party food.

Mrs Counsell is taking home our class caterpillars so keep an eye on the school's Facebook page for progress.

We hope you all have a EGGcellent Easter holiday and enjoy some well earned time together with your family.

Stay safe and well.

Mrs Counsell, Mrs Batchelor, Mrs G and Ms Pickett.


Class Blog 26/3/21 

What another busy week we have had. 

This week, we have been learning all about the Easter Story in our Outdoor Learning lessons. In Science, we have found out about the life cycle of a butterfly. It has also been really exciting watching our class caterpillars starting to move up the pot and they're growing so quickly!

Today we had our last singing session with Mrs Butlin and Monday 29th March will be our last Bikeability session, well done everyone!

Congratulations to Elijah, Ellie and Frankie for being our 'People of the Week' 
A huge well done to all of our Y1 children for showing such resilience and perseverance with your 99 club number work. Today we gave badges to: Lily (22 club), Kora (22 club), Imogen (33 club) and Isaac (44 club) - amazing work! 

Congratulations to the Reception children have been completing some of their weekly rainbow challenges well done to - Elijah, Flora, Heidi, Ellie, Grace, Jamie and Zach. 

We hope you all have a good weekend.

Mrs Counsell and Mrs Batchelor. 


Penhallow Blog 19/3/21 

Comic Relief! 

Well done to everyone, thank you for dressing up today. You all looked brilliant! 

We've had another busy week of learning in Penhallow Class. We have spent time learning outdoors, gardening with Mrs G, using the IPads to explore our speaking and listening skills and practised balancing and travelling in PE. 

Reading ~ Thank you for continuing to use SeeSaw to log your child's reading at home. We are sending home two books a week but remember all reading counts and we love hearing about what you are reading at home. 
Please find attached at the bottom of this blog the VIPERS reading questions which we use in school to develop children's comprehension skills. 

Reception ~ We are continuing to use Tapestry in class to log children's learning in school. Please do use this at home to let us know about your WOW moments! 
Have a good weekend and see you next week.

Mrs Counsell and Mrs Batchelor. 

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We're back in school! 

What a fun and busy first week back we've all had. 

It has been so lovely all being back together, playing and learning with our friends. We're so impressed with how the children have settled back into classroom routines and learning. 

A few things to note ~
- Our PE day is Thursday. Children do need to have their PE kit in school please.

- If your child is 'Special Helper' please email a photo on that day to Mrs Joslin for us to share in class. 

- To reduce the risk of infection please can we ask for no toys/belongings to be brought into school. Thank you. 

- Reading ~ please continue to read every day and log it on SeeSaw. You child has come home to 2 reading books today that they have chosen. We will review this next week.

Exciting news!
You may have heard that our class caterpillars arrived on Wednesday! We are excited to watch them grow over the next few weeks as part of our 'How does your garden grow?' enquiry. Watch this space!

We look forward to seeing you again next week. Have a good, relaxing weekend. 

Mrs Counsell and Mrs Batchelor



We did it! 

WOWSERS! We have finished our home learning, well done everyone.  We cannot tell you how proud we are of you all and how much you have amazed us every day.

We cannot wait to see you next week.

Have a good weekend.

Mrs Counsell, Mrs Batchelor, Mrs G and Ms Pickett


Friday's Learning 5/2/21 

Friday's Learning ~ St Piran's Day 

Wow! Today is our last day of home learning, on Monday, we will be all back together in school. 

Today is St Piran's Day. See today's learning grid below with activities. We hope you all enjoy learning all about it.

We would like you to come to school on Monday bringing the following pieces of work and 1 other thing that you are proud of. Please don't bring anymore than specified.

Monday 8th March - Return to School 
Year One English:
* Magic Medicine poster
* Magic medicine instructions
* Enormous Turnip English work you've completed.
* Suffix work (ing, ed, s/es, est)
* book reviews (World Book Day)

* 2 pieces of your maths learning that you are most proud of and didn't need help with.

Reception:  Please bring in 3 pieces of your favourite work where you have not needed a lot of help from a grown up and that you are proud of :) 

We can't wait to see you all next week. You have all been SO AMAZING throughout our home learning journey and we are all so proud of you. It's not been easy so well done to you and all of your adults who have helped and supported you.

Mondays and Tuesdays - Mrs Batchelor
Wednesdays - Fridays - Mrs Counsell. 

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Thursday's Home Learning 4/3/21 

Happy World Book Day! 
I hope you have enjoyed creating your World Book Day project to share. 

Please find below our learning grid for today. There are some book ideas for you to try and writing learning challenges to complete. If we were in school together we will be dressing up. What are you going to dress up as today? Which book character will you be?  Please send us photos of yourself and of any World Book Day activities you do. 

Please could all children send a photo of you reading your favourite book to me. Thank you. 

Here's the World Book Day website with some ideas to look at

Return to school - It's only a few more days left before you all return to school we cannot wait. We would like you to come to school on Monday bringing the following pieces of work and 1 other thing that you are proud of. Please don't bring anymore than specified. 

Year One
* Magic Medicine poster
* Magic medicine instructions 
* Enormous Turnip English work you've completed. 
* Suffix work (ing, ed, s/es, est) 
* 2 pieces of your maths learning that you are most proud of and didn't need help with. 

Please bring in 3 pieces of your favourite work where you have not needed a lot of help from a grown up. 

I can't wait to see it all! :)

Mrs Counsell 

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