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Meet the Teacher 

Unfortunately we can't ask you to come in at the moment for our usual 'Meet the Teacher' session. Instead, please watch this video which provides information about our class and how you can support your child at home. 


Here We Are 


We've had a great week. We have been so impressed with how many children are coming into school on their own in the mornings. It's such an important and brave start to the day and shows us you're ready to learn. Well done.

The Reception children have been in school every morning and it's been fantastic getting to know them more and more. We look forward to learning with you more this week when you are full time.

This week we started looking at a book called Here We Are as part of our enquiry Who Am I?  We've spent time talking about ourselves as individuals and what makes us all special. We also spent time thinking about why The Earth on which we live is special too, What can we do and see here on Earth?
Here is a link to the story on YouTube:

In Y1 we have been developing our reading skills by watching short clips on Literacy Shed. We've spent time discussing them and developing our comprehension skills. The children have been working so hard on this and as ever, we are very proud of them.

Derek, our class dinosaur has continued enjoying his adventures this week. He's been to the beach, read stories and visited children's gardens for a tea party. I wonder where he'll go this week?

Thank you to those who have engaged with SeeSaw our home-school reading app. It has been great to see how much the Y1s are reading. We are so excited that the Reception children will be getting their first school reading book in the next week or so. We change reading books on a Friday and will update their SeeSaw, please look out for that. 

While we understand that children can sometimes finish their books quickly at home, it's important to spend some time re-visiting the text together. Here are some questions for discussion which will further develop reading skills:
Which is your favourite part of the story?
Why did the character... feel like that?
Can you tell me why this word ... is used?
Can you find a word that means ...?
What do you think will happen in the end? Why?

Please email Special Helper photos to

Attached at the bottom of this blog please find a list of books that are recommended for reading for Year One and Reception. 

We hope you received our important letter about drop-off changes starting from Monday 21st September. 

See you next week.
Mrs Counsell and Mrs Batchelor. 

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Welcome Back  

Wow, what a fantastic week we have had!
We have welcomed the new YR children and our new teacher, Mrs Batchelor. We are so proud of the Y1 children for helping them all to settle in and explore in their new setting. We have spent time this week getting to know each other, establishing rules so we can all keep each other safe in our learning spaces. We have enjoyed reading 'The Colour Monster' which is a book which has helped us to talk about how we might be feeling about coming back to school and seeing everyone again. This week we went swimming in the sunshine and had our first online assembly with Mrs Hillman. It was lovely to see the other children in the school and spending some 'virtual' time with them. Derek our class dinosaur has enjoyed going home to different children's houses and share adventures with them.

We are looking forward to spending more time with the YR children this week. Here are the times for this week's pick ups and drop offs for them:
Mon 14th Sept - 9.15 - 1.00pm
Tues 15th Sept - 9.15 - 1.00pm
Wed 16th Sept - 8.45 - 1.00pm
Thur 17th Sept - 8.45 - 1.00pm
Fri 18th Sept - 8.45 - 12.45pm

* Our PE day is Thursdays and where possible we will go swimming, weather depending. Please make sure your child has their book bag in school this week. We will be sending home reading books with Y1 children. We hope you received the letter about SeeSaw and how we are using it to record reading, if you didn't please let us know.

* This week looks like it's going to be sunny, please make sure we have a named sun hat and cream in school for your child. Thank you for your patience this week in getting our class pick up and drop offs into place. The children are becoming so confident, it's wonderful seeing so many children coming in on their own. Well done.

See you tomorrow Mrs Counsell and Mrs Batchelor.


Welcome Back  

Hello Penhallow Class,

We hope you have all had a brilliant Summer holidays and are getting ready to come back or to start school. 

We are so excited to welcome you back on Monday and meet the new Reception children starting from Wednesday. All of the grown ups have been working so hard to make our new learning spaces safe, exciting and enjoyable places for us to learn and make new friends. We cannot wait to share them with you. 

We know you may feeling nervous about coming back or starting school so we have attached some photos at the bottom for you of some of the new learning experiences that are ready for you. 

We hope you looking at them.

Love from
Mrs Counsell, Mrs Batchelor, Mrs G and Ms Pickett. 

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