School Clubs are a vital ingredient for the School day as they help to extend learning and build self esteem, whilst providing a valuable opportunity to extend the School day to help working parents/carers, safe in the knowledge that their children are safe and having fun. At Polperro Primary Academy we offer a Breakfast Club, and After School Wraparound Club and a variety of extra curricular After School Clubs.  Scroll down to see which clubs are on offer this half term.



The aim of the club is to be informal and friendly, allowing children a choice as to how they start the day: some children like to wake up slowly, others prefer to get on and play. The club provides quiet space (for reading, etc), a free play area, as well as more structured activities like arts and crafts, drama and sport. Each morning a choice of cereal, toast, fruit and juice will be provided, with all children encouraged to help themselves, sit down and talk together, and then clear up their dishes: the idea is that our breakfast replicates as far as possible the atmosphere of a family meal. At the end of the session, the children are well-fed, happy, ready to learn and most importantly to start the day with a smile. 

Whether you’re looking for your child(ren) to attend regularly, or maybe just when something comes up, our Breakfast Club provides an opportunity to make new friends, learn life skills and have fun! Run daily (term time only, excluding inset days), children can be dropped off from 8am in the School Hall and the cost is just £2 per day, per child. Reduced to £1 per day per child if your child is receiving free school meals. 

No need to book in advance, just drop-in on the day. 


Our after school wraparound club runs from 3:15-4:15.  Children are offered a snack and the opportunity to play with their friends (outside when the weather is good) talk, draw, read or simply relax at the end of the day. The cost is just £3.

No need to book in advance, just let us know in the morning that your child will be attending. 


Our after school clubs run from 3:15 to 4:15.  Please note that once signed up, children are expected to attend every week for after school clubs unless they have written parental permission not to, or are absent.

Spring 1: 2020


Lunchtime Lego Club for all (Mrs Fernie)
After school Running Club for Y3 - Y6 (Mrs Wills, Mr Twaite)


Lunchtime Spanish Club for Y3 – Y6 (Miss Chadwick)
After school Alternative Sports Club Y5/Y6 (staff as available)


Lunchtime Pokemon/football 'card' club Y5/ Y6 (Mrs Eccles)
After school Gymnastics Y3 - Y6 (Mrs Howard-Potts)
After school Art Club Y5/Y6 (Mrs Platt)


Lunchtime singing club Y3 – Y6 (Mrs Counsell)
After school football club Y3 -Y6 (Mr Twaite, Mrs Evered)


Lunchtime free drawing/colouring club YR-Y2 (Miss Chadwick)


Garden Club

Football Club

Art Club

Gymnastics Club

Sports Club


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Please ensure your child has their swimming kit in school this term as our pool is open.

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