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Schools out for summer! 


I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all of Chaipel class. You have shown amazing resilience throughout a very trying and unusual year. You have all shown me what adaptable and understanding young people you all are and I am one proud teacher!

We said a sad farewell to our wonderful year 6's. They performed a fabulous leaving assembly, all written by themselves, which showed all their favourite memories from nursery through to year 6. We had a brilliant leaving party complete with pool party, Tiki bar serving mocktails, barbeque,  an oversized football, basket ball and lots of laughter, music and dancing. 

On Friday, our current year 5's welcomed the to be year 6's and 5's from Talland and we completed some activities to get to know each other better ready for the start of the new school year. I am really looking forward to teaching them all and making lots of memories.

Our last week consisted of lots of swimming in the fantastic weather, alternative sports day which consisted of archery, lacrosse, disc golf, yoga, water challenge and art using natural items found around us . The Year 6's had their transition day at Looe Academy and the Year 5's went to Talland beach...Phew! So much going on!! We then needed a relaxing Friday with a film and popcorn.

I hope you all have a wonderful summer break, stay safe and I look forward to seeing you all on the 7th September.

Mrs Visick


Our Last Week! 

Chaipel and Talland class had a wonderful Sports day, the sun was shining and lots of support for all the children by all of the children. It really shows what a wonderful kind and thoughtful school we have. Photos to follow!

The year 5's have been very busy writing information leaflets on Volcanoes and in Design and Technology they have been creating some great looking Volcanoes.

Year 6's have been busy using their speech and language skills to create their own leaving assembly, they have been doing lots of rehearsing and prop making. They are really excited.

In maths we continue learning about angles, finding missing angles and understanding angles in shapes.

We have a very busy last week  with lots of activities planned as well as saying goodbye to our year 6's in their leavers assembly (Get the tissues at the ready).

The year 5's are off to Talland Beach on Monday morning with Talland Class. No uniform required but sensible walking shoes, snack, water, sun cream and sun hat is a must. The café will provide us with ice-cream for £2.20! We will be back in school for 12pm to eat lunch as normal. 

The Year 6's are visiting Looe Academy on Monday for their transition morning. They will also be back in time for lunch at school too. They are to wear their uniform and remember their water bottles please.

We will also be having an Alternative Sports Day on Wednesday. Children need to come to school in PE clothes where we will take part in Archery, Lacrosse and Disco Golf! The afternoon will consist of a Water Challenge, Nature Art and Yoga/Mindfulness session. It sounds amazing and we are all looking forward to it!

We will be making the most of the swimming pool so please make sure your child has a kit in every day. The weather is looking great!

See you all on Monday.

Mrs Visick, Mrs Roberts and Mr Twaite.


It's all about football! 

Chaipel class have really been enjoying their singing and ukulele lessons with Mrs. Butlin this term.  They have been busy learning a song called 'Football' and today they recorded their song. They really got into the spirit of football mania.

Year 6 are busy preparing for their leavers assembly - we cannot tell you what is about yet though!

Year 5's are finishing their English writing and will be starting an information text as their last piece of work this term.

PE - we are busy making sure we are ready for our sports day. We managed to swim in the pool on Monday and Friday and it was a nice 21 and 23 degrees. 

Maths - We are now problem solving in geometry and the children are really demonstrating super skills, drawing on their previous learning to solve these.

Another busy week!

Have a great weekend.

Mrs. Visick, Mrs. Roberts and Mr. Twaite.



Hot seating and planning!

We have had a busy week in Chaipel class this week. They have been busy understanding how the people of Pompeii felt when Mt. Vesuvius erupted.  We did we some hot seating and the children loved playing characters of Pompeii. They asked some really interesting questions. This then helped us the plan for our writing.
We also have been busy learning about modal verbs and making sure that we plan this into our writing too.

In PE, we have been learning how to pass a baton in the relay racing.

We are continuing with angles in Maths. The Year 5's are learning adjacent angles and Year 6's are learning angles within a triangle.

In Art, the children have drawn some fantastic pictures of volcanoes using their previous learnt skills of hatching, blending and toning to draw the ash cloud.

The weather is not looking great for next week. However, please ensure the children have their PE kit and swimming kit in school. If the sun does make an appearance we will have our swimming lessons.

Have a great weekend.

Mrs. Visick, Mrs. Roberts and Mr. Twaite.


And Freeze! 


As part of our on going enquiry, Humans vs. Mother Nature: is this a fair game? We have begun our learning on volcanoes. In Science, we have been busy understanding what a volcano looks like inside. We have been using lots of Tier 3 vocabulary. 

In History we have been learning about Mount. Vesuvius and all about how and when it erupted and how it destroyed the town of Pompeii.

This has then fed into our English, where today, the children have been thinking of the vocabulary to use for peoples emotions and feelings. We used drama to act out the day the volcano erupted and how the people of Pompeii reacted and felt. We used freeze frame to help us think of how they felt at different times of the day. We had a really good time and lots of synonyms were used too.

The weather has been kind to us this week and Chaipel class has been swimming twice. It was lovely to see them showing me their skills in swimming and then seeing how we can improve these skills.

A great week, well done Chaipel class.

Don't forget to bring in your dry swimming kits and make sure you have your PE kits in school at all times. You never know when you will need it!

Have a great weekend.

Mrs. Visick, Mrs. Roberts and Mr. Twaite.



Cornish Hedges and Cornish Language!

This week the children have been working very hard to finish their poems to place into the time capsule. They have written some wonderful poems about our local area, its history and of course the local Cornish food.

The children were very excited as we boarded the bus bound for Colliford Lake, time capsule firmly in Mrs Visick's hand. Our trip to see the evolving labyrinth was an exciting thought and we were all eager to see a Cornish hedge being built. They had been learning all about how a Cornish hedge was built for some time and what the difference between a labyrinth and a maze was. When we arrived the sun appeared and Jess met us and took us to the labyrinth. There we followed the winding path and found the center. We then retraced our steps to where a hole had been dug ready for our time capsule.

Two children were selected to place the capsule into the hole. We all felt some different emotions as our hard work was placed into the ground. A sense of achievement and also the fact that our work will probably not be seen for a very long time, it could even be hundreds of years! The children then all had a turn to fill in the hole and completely bury the box.

We then sat down and watched the wild life whilst eating our delicious lunches. A scavenger hunt was our final activity. It was quite tricky trying to find all the items and then trying to say them in Cornish. Time flied by and before long it was time to board the bus and begin our journey back to school. 

We all had a wonderful day and the children were an absolute pleasure to take. Well done Chaipel class.

Have a lovely weekend, don't forget to bring in your swimming kit on Monday.

Mrs. Visick, Mrs. Roberts and Mr. Twaite.


Hero stamps 

Who are our heroes?

Chaipel class have been busy thinking about who have been heroes throughout the pandemic. We had a wonderful discussion about what jobs people do and why that makes them a hero. They used lots of empathy to explain their thoughts. Royal Mail are running a competition for a set of stamps and Chaipel rose to the challenge of drawing their hero. We had scientist, footballers, Captain Tom, Army, NHS and builders and lots more. They really have made me proud with the effort they put into this challenge. We will be sending off all the entries later this week.

English: We have now started our new text 'Flood' this is a picture book and the children have, this week, been looking closely at the pictures and telling the story. We looked at why the illustrator/author used certain colours to show the mood of the story. We also looked at facial expressions of the characters to help us to decide how they felt. We have also been looking at script writing and spotting all the features so we can then begin to plan our own script for the story.

Maths: our decimal and percentage unit is coming to an end. We shall start a new unit later this week. The children have really worked hard to have a good understanding of percentages and decimals.

Geography: We are now starting to look at Tsunamis and where these occur in the world. 

Have a great weekend and I will see you all on Monday.

Mrs. Visick


Captain Tom's 101st Birthday 

It's all about clouds!

We have had a very busy week in Chaipel class with plenty of learning happening.

Art - the children have been busy using hatching, toning and blending to produce some great realistic pictures of clouds. 

Maths - Year 5 have been comparing and ordering decimals whilst the Year 6's have been multiplying and dividing decimals.

Last Friday was Captain Tom's 101st birthday. To celebrate all the classes completed a 100 challenge. Chaipel had to sort out counters (100) and then complete a tally chart and transfer the data onto a bar graph. They had to work out the scale, remember to label the X and Y axis and give it a title. Well done Chaipel!

English- They have now completed their stories and WOW! They have really put in 100% to produce some exciting and descriptive fictional writing. 

Have a great weekend and stay safe.

Mrs. Visick


Humans vs Mother Nature. 

Lots of imagination is happening in Chaipel class.

After lots of planning and learning new writing skills, the children have begun to write their fictional story and I can't wait to read them. They are about a hurricane that is about to descend upon them and the adventures they have afterwards. We have been reading the text 'Hurricane'  a story about two children who play on a fallen tree after a hurricane. Their imagination takes them into space, the jungle and on a pirate ship. 

We are still learning decimals in Maths and this week we looked at 3dp (thousandths). The children are becoming more confident now and we shall be looking at problem solving next week.

Geography and science was all about finding out how a hurricane forms. They drew diagrams to show the process and we looked on the world map at Australasia and Asia and how they call the hurricanes , cyclones and typhoons.  

Homework -  Chaipel class should be reading each night, doing regular practice and learning of Maths facts and learning spelling strategies. In addition to this we will have a grid of homework activities for your child to complete across the half term, either independently or with a parent or carer. Please see below.

Have a great long weekend and I will see you all on Tuesday.

Mrs. Visick

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Welcome back! 

Humans vs Mother Nature: is this a fair game?

Well done to Chaipel class. We have had a very busy first week back. It was lovely to see them all again.

We have been investigating our new enquiry Humans vs Mother Nature: is this a fair game?

We are currently using the text 'Hurricane' to help us structure our own version of the story. We have been busy boxing up the story and using drama to help us remember the format. We were lucky enough to be able to work outside in the sunshine.

The children have been busy researching (history) as many hurricanes as they could find using IT and then for our geography lesson we plotted on the map where they occurred in the world. We have found that a lot of hurricanes happen in America. I wonder what other continents call their storms?
We all had a lovely music lesson learning to play the ukulele, they were very excited to talk about the lesson afterwards. 
Spelling has seen the children looking at the rules for adding suffixes and the use of the hyphen to link words.

We have begun to learn about decimals in Maths. Looking at tenths and hundredths and linking this with fractions. It is challenging for most, but I'm sure they all will have the 'WOW' moment next week when it all falls into place for them.

Science has seen the experiment from last term come to fruition. Over the Easter holidays some of the seeds they used for their experiment germinated, so, they planted them outside of our classroom and we will watch them grow and see how many beans we will get.

Please continue to read daily at home, practise your spellings and times tables.     

Have a lovely weekend, enjoy the sun, stay safe.   

 Mrs. Visick, Mrs. Roberts and Mr. Twaite.


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