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Captain Tom's 101st Birthday 

It's all about clouds!

We have had a very busy week in Chaipel class with plenty of learning happening.

Art - the children have been busy using hatching, toning and blending to produce some great realistic pictures of clouds. 

Maths - Year 5 have been comparing and ordering decimals whilst the Year 6's have been multiplying and dividing decimals.

Last Friday was Captain Tom's 101st birthday. To celebrate all the classes completed a 100 challenge. Chaipel had to sort out counters (100) and then complete a tally chart and transfer the data onto a bar graph. They had to work out the scale, remember to label the X and Y axis and give it a title. Well done Chaipel!

English- They have now completed their stories and WOW! They have really put in 100% to produce some exciting and descriptive fictional writing. 

Have a great weekend and stay safe.

Mrs. Visick


Humans vs Mother Nature. 

Lots of imagination is happening in Chaipel class.

After lots of planning and learning new writing skills, the children have begun to write their fictional story and I can't wait to read them. They are about a hurricane that is about to descend upon them and the adventures they have afterwards. We have been reading the text 'Hurricane'  a story about two children who play on a fallen tree after a hurricane. Their imagination takes them into space, the jungle and on a pirate ship. 

We are still learning decimals in Maths and this week we looked at 3dp (thousandths). The children are becoming more confident now and we shall be looking at problem solving next week.

Geography and science was all about finding out how a hurricane forms. They drew diagrams to show the process and we looked on the world map at Australasia and Asia and how they call the hurricanes , cyclones and typhoons.  

Homework -  Chaipel class should be reading each night, doing regular practice and learning of Maths facts and learning spelling strategies. In addition to this we will have a grid of homework activities for your child to complete across the half term, either independently or with a parent or carer. Please see below.

Have a great long weekend and I will see you all on Tuesday.

Mrs. Visick

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Welcome back! 

Humans vs Mother Nature: is this a fair game?

Well done to Chaipel class. We have had a very busy first week back. It was lovely to see them all again.

We have been investigating our new enquiry Humans vs Mother Nature: is this a fair game?

We are currently using the text 'Hurricane' to help us structure our own version of the story. We have been busy boxing up the story and using drama to help us remember the format. We were lucky enough to be able to work outside in the sunshine.

The children have been busy researching (history) as many hurricanes as they could find using IT and then for our geography lesson we plotted on the map where they occurred in the world. We have found that a lot of hurricanes happen in America. I wonder what other continents call their storms?
We all had a lovely music lesson learning to play the ukulele, they were very excited to talk about the lesson afterwards. 
Spelling has seen the children looking at the rules for adding suffixes and the use of the hyphen to link words.

We have begun to learn about decimals in Maths. Looking at tenths and hundredths and linking this with fractions. It is challenging for most, but I'm sure they all will have the 'WOW' moment next week when it all falls into place for them.

Science has seen the experiment from last term come to fruition. Over the Easter holidays some of the seeds they used for their experiment germinated, so, they planted them outside of our classroom and we will watch them grow and see how many beans we will get.

Please continue to read daily at home, practise your spellings and times tables.     

Have a lovely weekend, enjoy the sun, stay safe.   

 Mrs. Visick, Mrs. Roberts and Mr. Twaite.


An Egg-celent end to the term! 

It was all very egg-citing!

We have finally made it the the end of term and we had a visit from a very mischievous Easter bunny!

It has been very busy in the 4 weeks the children have been back. It is so lovely to be teaching them face to face again. We have had a jam packed term and the children have accomplished so many things. 

On Wednesday the children became scientist and dissected a flower, naming all the reproductive parts. They were brilliant and had a lot of fun.

We have completed our units of fractions and ratio in Maths and will move onto learning even more skills next term. English has been a challenge this term, writing a particularly hard non-fiction text - a balanced argument and they should all be eggs-tremely proud of themselves for achieving this.

99 club has see lots of success, so well done to those children. 

Have a wonderful Easter holiday and I am already looking forward to seeing all the children back in school for our new enquiry.

Stay safe!

Mrs. Visick, Mrs. Roberts and Mr. Twaite.


Chaipel Spring into Action! 

Fair testing and Fairtrade!

What another busy week we have had in Chaipel class.

The children have been busy learning about Holy communion in RE. They have begun some very spectacular stained glass window drawings. In science they have been planting their bean seeds and have planned their fair test. We just have to be patient now and wait to see which seeds will germinate first. We will be keeping a record of the growth and will use our Maths skills to put the data into graphs. Watch this space!

We continue to learn more skills for the game of volleyball. This week we were learning how to pass a 'set shot'. It was quite tricky and we will work further on these skills.

 Our music session this week saw the children using cups as a musical instrument. It sounded brilliant.

Year 5 continue to revisit fractions and Year 6 are looking at ratio and scale factors in Maths and in English we are learning the features of writing a balanced argument. We will finish this with a class debate next week.

Have a great weekend and I look forward to seeing you all on Monday.

Mrs. Visick, Mrs. Roberts and Mr. Twaite.


A fun packed week! 

Comic Relief Day!

What a fun packed week we have had in Chaipel class.

We started the week with lots of Maths outdoors in the glorious sunshine. Converting units of measurements - g to kg, m to km and ml to l. The children really enjoyed the practical side of this lesson and I had lots of comments of 'I really get it now Miss.' . So, a really successful and meaningful lesson for all of them.

We have planned, written draft copies and then used our best handwriting to produce our final copy for our explanation text. The children included lots of facts and features of the text. I look forward to reading them this weekend.

During our athletics PE session the children have been learning how to pace themselves and breath correctly when running long distances and for Volleyball they have been continuing to learn the skills of the ready position, and how the catch a high 'set'. They have also been completing their active mile too. So lots of fitness!

Finally, the children have had a 'Super' Friday for Comic Relief Day. It was so lovely to see them come as their heroes, many as Key Workers. We have thought of funny jokes, played quizzes and watched videos from the Comic Relief website on how our money helps other children. They have all been brilliant.

I look forward to seeing them all for another fun packed week of learning. 

Well done Chaipel Class.

Mrs. Visick, Mrs. Roberts and Mr. Twaite.


What is fair? What is trade? 

It was so lovely to welcome Chaipel class back into the classroom and back into school. The children have settled in very well and I think they are enjoying seeing their friends here at school.

We are continuing with our enquiry and this week the children have researched lots of facts about the history of Fairtrade. They have been watching videos of the people in other countries that Fairtrade has helped, and how it has helped the wider community of the villages. They will use this information to write their best copies of an explanation text.

In Maths we are continuing with our conversions of units of measurements. We are also using our newly learnt skills of fractions to help us to convert units of measurements too.

In both of our P.E. sessions (athletics and volleyball) the children are learning new skills, ready to put them in to action when competing in athletics or playing  a game of volleyball. It was great to have an outdoor session on Monday when the sun was shining.

We have discussed our feelings in PSHE on how we felt when we were told about home learning and how they feel now they are back in school. We had a really good discussion and most of the children said they were happy to be back in school and play with their friends again. There was some really good positive points raised by the class. 

Have a great weekend and I look forward to seeing you all on Monday for some more super learning.

Mrs. Visick, Mrs. Roberts and Mr. Twaite


Friday's Blog 

It's the Weekend!

Well done for all your hard work everyone. You have all been amazing.

I am super proud of you all.

We are all looking forward to seeing you in school on Monday where we will reconnect with each other and settle back into school life.

Have a super weekend and rest yourselves.

Mrs Visick, Mrs Roberts and Mr Twaite.


Friday's Learning 5.3.21 

Our last online session (we hope!)

I am so incredibly proud of each and everyone of you for your resilience and perseverance with your online learning. 

I am really looking forward to seeing you all on Monday in the classroom. But for now we have one more session left for tomorrow.

Thank you for the super pictures of World Book Day!

Below is Friday's learning grid and resources. The learning grid will identify which session will be live and what resources you need to have ready.  If you have any queries please email me

Please find below a list of work I would like you to bring to school next week. If you can't find some of your work, please do not worry.
Please could you bring in the following:

Newspaper reports, including planning and draft copies.

Diary extract including planning and draft copies.

Acrostic poems including planning and draft copies.

Peter Thorpe abstract space art.

All of your maths (fractions and units of measurements)

All of your Science (light and shadows, space)

Plus all of your work for our current enquiry please.

I look forward to seeing you all at 9|:30am.
Mrs Visick

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Thursday's Learning 4/3/21 

It's World Book Day, Chaipel Class!

We have a host of exciting activities lined up for you today , starting with our online learning at 9:30.

I am looking forward to seeing you all either dressed up as a character from one of your favourite books or with your item or character that you have created. I will be dressed as a character, can you guess from the picture what character I might be?

The grid and resources are attached below. For the afternoon, we have created a grid of suggestions for you to do either on your own or with your family.

Please make sure that you have with you your book character/item and favourite book to share with the class when we log on at 9:30.

See you then,

Mrs Visick.

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