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Why do we love living in Cornwall? 

Well Chaipel Class, we find ourselves coming to the last full week of term and indeed the last full week of your time at Polperro School. It may be a slightly more unusual end to primary school than other years, but there's still been a flurry of activity with shirt signing, film making, ordering of hoodies and sharing of memories - as well as the all important end of school party arrangements of course.

This week the children will be performing to their friends at their outdoor leavers' assembly as well as taking the opportunity to share some of their favourite memories of their time at school.  We will also be bringing our Cornwall based enquiry to a close with a look at some of the reasons Cornwall is at the top of many people's holiday list and at the fantastic tourist attractions in the county. What do you love most about living in Cornwall?

Take care everyone,
Mrs Eccles


Did pirates roam the Cornish Sea? 

Hello Chaipel Class,

It's so lovely having so many of you back in school and being able to see your smiling faces every day. Plans and rehearsals are well underway for our Leavers' assembly and the songs are sounding beautiful. We are so sad that we're not able to invite parents in to watch this year, but unfortunately the government guidelines still don't allow for public gatherings and so the decision was out of our hands. We are hoping to record the assembly so that we can share it with you all. Don't forget to start thinking this weekend about the memories that you would like to share during the assembly.

Did you know that Polperro has a murky history as a haven for smugglers who would hide their contraband and loot in the many hidden coves around the coastline before bringing it ashore under cover of darkness? You can read more about Polperro's connection to smuggling here: and this week we will be finding out all about smugglers and Cornish pirates (no, not the rugby team). Get ready to walk the plank!

Every year, in September, there is an international 'Talk like a Pirate' day. But why do pirates talk the way they do? Well, in the 1950s Disney made a film of Treasure Island. Because the fictional pirate in the film - Long John Silver - was played by a man from the West Country, he gave his character a West Country accent and it's stuck ever since. Aaaarrrr! 



Home Learning wc 29/6/20 

Hello Chaipel Class,

I hope you are all safe and well. We're missing you here in school.

I hope you enjoyed learning about all the delicious local food last week. I know we were getting very hungry here in the classroom when we were discussing pasties. This week we are moving on to finding out all about mining and the significance of mining on Cornwall's history. You've probably seen chimneys like the one in the picture dotted all over the Cornish landscape and these are reminders of how huge the tin mining industry was here in Cornwall. In fact, did you know that, in 2006, the Cornwall and West Devon Mining Landscape achieved World Heritage Status. World Heritage Sites are recognised by UNESCO as places of significance that have outstanding value to the whole of humanity. This places Cornish mining on a par with the Egyptian pyramids, Stonehenge and the Acropolis in Athens.

As well as finding out about Cornwall, we've started to think about moving upwards and your transition to secondary school. We would love to put together a presentation that contains lots of photos of your time here at Polperro School as well as some of your favourite memories of your time at the school. Please can I ask you to have a think about some of your memories of school and to decide which memory (or memories) you would most like to share. It can be about anything - a trip, a performance, a member of staff or just something really fun that you did with friends. When you have decided, please write it down and ask your parents to email it to me and we can add it to the presentation.

As always, all the resources you will need for the week are attached to the blog. If there is anything you are unsure of then please contact me. Remember to keep reading and using Mathletics to practise your maths and please do get in touch if there is anything you need or you just want to say hello or share your learning:

Take care,
Mrs Eccles


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Home Learning w/c 22/6/20 

Hello Chaipel Class,
I hope you’re all keeping safe and well.

Thank you so much to those of you who have sent your sunglasses pictures in. It was lovely to see your smiling faces and Mrs Platt has added them to the display. If you didn’t manage to send a picture in yet then there’s still time.

This week we’re moving away from Cornish folklore and focussing on all things food. Cornwall is of course famous for its pasties and here are some facts about pasties for you to enjoy:
• At least 120 million pasties are made each year.
• Pasties are mentioned in the Shakespeare play The Merry Wives of Windsor.
• A traditional Cornish pasty must be 12% meat and 25% vegetables and has to be made in Cornwall.
• The world’s largest ever pasty was made in 2010 in Fowey and weighed 728kg. It required an oven 5m wide to cook it in.
As well as learning about pasties, you’ll find out about the origins of the stargazey pie and maybe even enjoy a traditional cream tea – jam first of course.

I have been very excited about the return of football this week, although I have to admit it’s very strange seeing empty stadiums. It’s been such a positive week for football this week, what with the incredible achievements of Marcus Rashford showing that it really is possible to make a difference and the hugely emotional support for the Black Lives Matter movement at the games. We’ve been talking about this a lot in school this week and if it is something that you are interested in finding out more about then there is some great information on Newsround.

This week is the first Cornwall Virtual School Games. All children in school will be taking part across the week and because it is virtual, you can still take part at home. Across the 5 days, there are activities that you can complete to earn points for yourself and the school. Demonstration videos have been released on the Virtual School Games page of the Active Cornwall website to help you understand what you need to do. (See links in document attached) There will be an opening ceremony video at 10 am on Monday 22nd June on the Cornwall School Games Facebook page or Active Cornwall YouTube Channel (see link on document attached). Attached (Virtual School Games) is the document showing you the different activities on each day and how to get involved. It will be up to parents/carers to fill in the results form each day. Each day’s challenges will begin at 10 am with an email sent to all schools registered. We will put this link on our school Facebook page each day for you. Results must be submitted by 9 am the following day on the specific day’s link so please don’t forget to fill it!

Bonus points can be achieved for any of the following and should be added to your total points and submitted through the results sheet.
a. 1 point for every family member and year group teacher who tries the challenge
b. 1 point for completing it in fancy dress
c. 1 point for a communication (video/email etc..) sent to the school or speaking to a teacher if in school telling them how you have engaged with one of the 5 Ways to Wellbeing: Connect, Be Active, Take Notice, Keep Learning & Give

For more information, check out the Cornwall School Games Facebook Page, the Active Cornwall Website or watch the following video on YouTube:  
If you have any questions about the Virtual School Games then please email  

As usual, all the resources you will need for the week are attached to the blog. In addition to the work on the grid remember to read as much as you can and keep using Mathletics to practise your Maths. If you have any questions or problems, would like to share your learning or just want to say hello then please do get in touch:

Take care,

Mrs Eccles


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Learn at home with Chaipel Class 

Home Learning 15/6/20

Hello Chaipel Class, I hope you are all safe and well and have enjoyed learning about piskies and knockers. After spending last week looking at Cornwall’s smaller mysterious creatures, this week we turn our attention to the giants of Cornish folklore. Did you know that Cornwall has its very own Jack the Giant killer which was quite possibly the inspiration for the better known beanstalk climbing hero? Tales of giants were often used to explain the Cornish landscape and the stories usually involve the giants throwing rocks around and were used to explain how the may rocks ended up peppering the countryside and coastline around the county - much like you can see in the last picture of St Michael's Mount, the heart of Cornish Giant country. The first picture is of my favourite Cornish giant – the Mud Maid – who can be seen sleeping in the Lost Gardens of Heligan.

Thank you Jared for the fantastic Sword in the Stone drawing that you can see. Please do keep sending in your fantastic learning all of you.

Remember to keep up your reading and continue to use Mathletics to practice your maths. All the resources that you will need for this week’s learning are attached below. If you have any questions about anything, would like to share what you have been learning or just want to say hello, then please send me an email:

VIRTUAL SCHOOL GAMES WEEK Being active plays a large part of our learning over the next couple of weeks. Health and well-being at this difficult time is so important and June is usually when Sport England launch their Cornwall School Games event. It's a nationwide initiative (sectioned into regions) where schools compete and children get a chance to showcase their skills in a range of sports. In light of our current climate, Sport England have organised a 'Virtual' School Games during the week 22nd June - 26th June 2020 and it looks really exciting. It's a chance for all children, in school and learning from home, to take part in activities such as Boccia, Tennis, Volleyball, Dance and Athletics, competing alongside their friends and supporting our school. Information will be sent out to you and a link to the website with more details, activity cards and demo videos explaining each activity is attached. I have planned practice time for each of the activities on your grid and then left Friday afternoon free for you to focus on the ones you are interested in taking part in. You can do all or as many as you like.

Take care,

Mrs Eccles

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Home Learning 8/6/20 

Hello Chaipel Class,

I hope you are all well and enjoying our new enquiry question. Did you get the locations from last week's blog correct? The pictures were of course: The Eden Project, Land's End, The Minnack Theatre and St Michael's Mount. I wonder where your favourite place in Cornwall is? I think mine would have to be The Lost Gardens of Heligan - it still amazes me that the garden was only rediscovered so recently.

I wonder if any of you worked out the translation of the Cornish phrase? It was of course 'My hovercraft is full of eels'. Always a useful thing to be able to say in any language.

This week we are going to be delving into Cornish folklore and learning all about the mythical and magical creatures that are said to inhabit Cornwall, including piskies and knockers. I wonder if you can spot any signs of piskie activity on one of your daily walks?

It has been lovely to welcome some of you back this week and we are looking into ways of keeping all of us in touch this term, whether you are at home or at school.  Mrs Platt would really like to put up her usual Summer term display in the classroom of all the year 6s wearing sunglasses and it would be lovely if we could include those of you who are not able to be in school with us - it just wouldn't be the same without the full class. If you would like to, then please email me a picture of yourself wearing sunglasses (and of course your best smile) and we can add you to the display. I will of course send you all a picture of the completed display so that you can see it.

As always, remember to keep reading. We've been reading The Ickabog, which is a new story by J.K. Rowling that is being published online for free. You can find the story here: I'm really enjoying it so far - do let me know what you think. You can also continue to use Get Epic for free e-books and Mathletics to practise your Maths.

Please do get in touch if you have any questions about the learning or the resources or want to share what you have been doing and just say hello. You may not be in the classroom with us, but you continue to be in our thoughts and in our conversations and it's always lovely to hear from you. My email is

Take care,

Mrs Eccles


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Home Learning 2/6/20 

What's all that fuss about Cornwall?

Hello Chaipel Class, I hope you are all safe and well and that you’ve had a wonderful half term – the weather has certainly been kind to us.

There’s a clue to our new enquiry question in this week’s pictures and I’m very excited to announce that our question for the coming half term is ‘What’s all that fuss about Cornwall?’ I moved to Cornwall 8 years ago after coming here on holiday and falling in love with the county. I honestly believe that we live in one of the most beautiful places in the country (if not the world) with a rich and fascinating history and I can’t wait to spend the next few weeks finding out what makes the county we live in so special. I wonder if you can name all 4 of the Cornish landmarks in the pictures?

This week we will be focusing on some great Cornish legends and you will have the opportunity to decide whether or not you think they are true and where you think the mythical land of Camelot might be - could it be in Cornwall?

Mrs Platt and I are really looking forward to seeing some of you back in school on Tuesday, but for those of you who will still be learning at home then all the learning and resources will continue to be added to the blog every week and will be the same as what we are covering in the classroom. Please do continue to keep in touch as it will be great to share what we are all doing.

As always, please continue with your reading while you are at home. Get Epic continues to offer free access to hundreds of ebooks until the end of June – let me know if you need a code. You can also continue to use Mathletics to practise your Maths.

If you have any questions about any of the learning or the resources, want to share what you have been doing or just want to say hello then please do email me:

Comero weeth (That’s ‘take care’ in Cornish),

Mrs Eccles


A quick challenge for you – can you find the meaning of this very useful Cornish phrase?

Leun a sylli yw ow skath bargesi

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Half Term

Well Chaipel Class, it's not been the most conventional of half terms, but I'm so proud of how well you have all adapted to the strange circumstances and how hard you have all worked. I think you all deserve a well earned break and hopefully the chance to enjoy some time in the sunshine.
Our ocean enquiry is now at an end - I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have. Thank you again for all the fabulous work you have sent me. Here's just a selection of some of the amazing things you've been doing. We've got a very exciting new enquiry planned to start in June and I can't wait to share it with you.
Until then, stay safe and enjoy your break.

Mrs Eccles


Home Learning 18/5/20 

Hello Chaipel Class,
I hope that you and your families are all well.

Thank you for all your emails and for sharing your learning with me. I wish I could show all of your work!  Here is a selection of some of the fantastic work that I've received from you all this week. Thank you Katie, Kyle and Isla for these. I can't wait to see what you produce this week. I'm definitely looking forward to reading some of your stories.

This week is the last week of our ocean enquiry, but don't worry, we have an exciting new enquiry planned for after half term and I'm looking forward to sharing it with you.

For this week we are considering what sea creatures eat, with a particular focus on plankton. I confess that before this week I didn't know much about plankton and I've been fascinated by them. It's amazing how interesting and diverse such a small organism can actually be. I've linked to a video within this week's grid that has some incredible footage of plankton and I have to say they're absolutely beautiful. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did.

All the resources for this week are attached below. Remember that in addition to this you can use Mathletics to practise your Maths and keep reading. As always, there is no requirement to print out any of the resources, it is fine to just complete the work on paper or in a workbook.

If you have any questions about the work or the resources, want to share your learning or just want to say hello and tell me what you've been up to then please email me:

Take care and I hope to see you all soon,

Mrs Eccles


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Home Learning 11-5-20 

Hello Chaipel Class,

I hope you and your families are all safe and well and that you have enjoyed the long weekend.

As some of you may have realised, this week would have been the week that you would have been taking your SATs. Obviously these are no longer going ahead, so instead I’ve attached test papers to the blog for every day this week…

…Only joking! But I didn’t want to let the week pass without saying to you what I would have said had we been in school which is that no test can ever measure how awesome you all are. How unique you are, how funny you are, how creative you are, how kind you are and how hard you all work every day. I know that some of you will be disappointed that you won’t get the opportunity to show what you can do, but please know that I am so proud of every single one of you, as I know every other adult in school is.

This week our learning is focussed around what life is like in the deepest oceans and the picture you can see is of one of my favourite fish – the blobfish. This was voted the world’s ugliest animal (rather cruel if you ask me) and is just one of the strange creatures that can be found deep in the ocean. I’m looking forward to hearing about other strange creatures that you discover this week.

As always, you can continue to access Mathletics to practise your Maths and remember to keep reading. For any of you still not connected to my classroom on Get Epic, please drop me an email and I can send you a link to sign up for free.

A reminder that there is absolutely no need to print off any of the learning resources – working on paper or in a notebook is absolutely fine. If you have any questions about any of the learning or resources, would like to share what you have been doing or just want to say hello then please do email me:

Take care,

Mrs Eccles


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