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Is what you wear, who you are? 

Dear Kitty !

We have had another very busy week learning different skills in Chaipel class.

The children have finally finished their diary entry and they are all really fantastic. They have put lots of hard work planning, writing first drafts, editing and improving their writing and remembering to include all the features you would find in a diary entry. Finally, they have written their best copy.

Maths has seen the children really become confident in their multiplication of up to 4 digits by 2 digits. This will help them next week when we use these new skills to solve  real life multiplication problems.

The children also have been learning about the Blitz and how Cornwall suffered during World War 2. They have been busy sketching maps, detailing where the bombs fell and understanding why certain areas were bombed. This has also lead to more questions about the Blitz they would like to investigate.

We have also been busy writing an information text all about air raid shelters. They really have produced some wonderful pieces of work detailing what kind of shelters there were and where you would find them. They researched what you might find in them and what they were built out of. 

Another great week Chaipel

Well done!

Mrs Visick, Mrs Roberts and Mr Twaite.


We Will Remember Them 

Anne Frank

This week the whole school showed our respect by holding a two minutes silence via a virtual assembly. Chaipel class made their own poppies and placed them on the pathway leading up to the school. They were brilliant at understanding why the country holds this mark of remembrance every year. I was very proud of them all.

Remembrance tied in very well with our enquiry and this week we were investigating who Anne Frank was and what happened to her.

Chaipel class have been really interested in Anne and how she went into hiding. They have showed lots of empathy and they wanted to write a diary extract, just like Anne did in her own diary which she named 'Kitty'. We have been looking at the vocabulary they used at the time and how we put our thoughts and feelings in to our diary entry. 

Maths has been challenging this week! But they have all been very resilient and worked hard at multiplying 2 digits by 2 digits. They have really shown me how they can use their strategies to help them to climb out of the learning pit. 

Chaipel have also begun our PE this term which is tag rugby, social distance style. They really enjoyed their first one this week and it was hard to get them to come back into class to change to go home!

Well done Chaipel for a great week.

Mrs. Visick,  Mrs. Roberts and  Mr. Twaite


Welcome back Chaipel Class 

Is what you wear, who you are?

This is our new enquiry and we have had a great week back after the half term break. The children are really eager and have asked lots of questions for us to investigate already. I'm sure they will be telling you all about it as we continue on our learning journey.

English has allowed the children to investigate and explore the features of writing a diary entry. The text we have chosen to help us understand diary writing is Anne Frank. She uses descriptive language to really demonstrate how she was feeling at the time of writing. The children have also shown super empathy as we listen to what she wrote.

In maths they are revisiting the skills they have learnt for multiplication and division before we move on to learning new skills to help us solve calculations. They are learning new strategies to help them solve more challenging problems.

We had an amazing Autumn art afternoon. The children designed some lovely autumnal t-shirt or jumpers using their knowledge of seasonal colours. They then transferred this to a much larger template and decorated their design using leaves, twigs and flowers from the school grounds. They worked really hard and they were all really pleased that we continued with this afternoon this year.


Happy Half Term 

Recycling artwork

As well as Maths and English, Chaipel have been busy completing their artwork.

For English the children have been completing their interview scripts and have been amazing in asking lots of open questions to maximise the information the interviewee gives.

They have been solving multi-step problems in addition and subtraction in Maths. There were some tricky questions this week but they have become confident in the process of solving them.

The children have also been busy completing their art work as show in the pictures here. They have been using two types of media to produce a picture of a whale above sea level but its tail below the water line is made of plastic and rubbish found in the sea. They also have been creative in upcycling some plastic for another use. We had wind chimes from tin cans, and a cup upcycled from a milk bottle and a can. They have been very creative with their ideas. 

Well done Chaipel class and have a great half term.

Mrs. Visick,  Mrs. Roberts and Mr. Twaite




Chaipel class have had lots of exciting activities this week.

They have been busy writing a TV interview based on their newspaper reports from last week. They have been learning how to ask open ended questions and the difference between closed and open questions. We are nearly at the stage where they will be filmed.

We have been recapping our spellings of words ending in tious, cious and shus. The children really enjoyed the session on miming out words with these endings and the others trying to guess what word it was. There was some very interesting and funny acting out! In maths we have been revisiting column method for addition and subtraction. We have also been remembering how to so the inverse operation to check our answers. 

Well done to our Year 6's who have also been completing their Bikeability. We have some very confident, safe riders and at least the weather stayed dry for them.

Mrs Visick, Mrs Roberts and Mr Twaite


It's all about plastic! 

The children have worked really hard this week.

Chaipel class have produced some lovely newspaper reports this week. We have been concentrating on using direct or reported speech. They have been focusing on spelling and punctuation as well as sentence structure. These will be collated and placed in to our very own classroom newspaper. Well done to you all.
For our guided reading they have also been looking at and discovering classic texts. They have really noticed the difference in vocabulary compared to modern day texts. They have had a lot of fun reading extracts and discussing the texts with each other.

We are now revisiting addition and subtraction in math's. We are looking at using the column method to solve calculations involving four or more digits. 

The children have really enjoyed completing the active mile again, albeit socially distanced and dodging the rain showers!

They are continuing with their art project and are just waiting now for their bags of recycling to be brought into school (by Wednesday). They are really looking forward to finishing off their pictures.

We have also been busy researching who invented plastic and how plastic is made. Did you know plastic has either wood, coal or oil as one of it components? They have been busy building a profile of Alexander Parkes who first discovered plastic. 

It's bike ability next week for our year 6's, fingers crossed it stays dry for them!

We are looking forward to seeing Chaipel class on Monday.

Mrs. Visick
Mrs. Roberts
Mr. Twaite.



Breaking News! 

Chaipel class have been very busy understanding how to write a newspaper report (recount text). They have been investigating and researching what effects plastic and other rubbish has on our oceans. The children found out that there are several 'trash islands' in our oceans. They were so concerned about this that they wanted to write a news report about it. They have taken the ideas from our class book, Kensuke's kingdom by Michael Morpurgo, and imagined that they were on a boat sailing around the world when they stumble across the 'Trash Island'. They have been learning and using the features needed to enable them to successfully write a news report. Chaipel class have really risen to the challenge!

Maths has all been about rounding numbers to one or ten million. It can become quite confusing at times but they have really shown resilience and perseverance and they have been successful in their work this week.

We have also started our art project of a whale and plastic pollution using different media to create an effect. In design and technology we are looking at upcycling objects that would normally been thrown in the bin to make them reusable. 

We have been able, in between the rain showers, to complete our active mile alongside PE. They are really enjoying orienteering and this week they had to use their knowledge of compass points to place items on a map for the other children in the class to locate. 

Please find below the calculation policy and calculation strategies we use in Chaipel class. These will help you to understand how we teach Maths in Years 5 and 6 and help you to support your child.

Mrs Visick

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Meet the Teacher 

Unfortunately we can't ask you to come in at the moment for our usual 'Meet the Teacher' session. Instead, please watch this video which provides information about our class and how you can support your child at home. 

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Well done Chaipel Class. 

The weather has been great this week and this has allowed us to continue some of our lessons outdoors. 

We have been busy with PE this week, completing orienteering challenges. The children have been busy learning 8 compass points and following a ground map to navigate their way to different cones. We have also been reading outside too.

In English, the children have been learning how to write a formal letter, using the features of vocabulary, layout and revisiting grammar and punctuation. We have now re-established 'Word of the Day' which is taken from their year 5 and 6 spelling list. 

In maths, we have been looking at place value of digits up to 1,000,000 and year 6 digits up to 10,000,000. They have been reasoning and solving problems to help them in their understanding of such large numbers. 

On Friday we had our virtual whole school assembly. It was lovely to see the other class bubbles on the screen and share our person of the week with the other classes. Mrs. Hillman sang a lovely rendition of Polperro's birthday song to all the children who shared a birthday this week.

I am really looking forward to seeing all of Chaipel class for more fun and exciting learning on Monday. 

Well done for this week!

Mrs. Visick


Welcome back! 

WOW! What an amazing first week back at school. All the children in Chaipel class have settled in well and we have been getting to know each other. They really are a lovely class.

We have been doing lots of fun activities this week including maths games outside in the fresh air and sun to help us to recall our times tables knowledge. We have been using the text ‘Here We Are’ to help us understand the world we are living in. This has inspired us to write a poem and draw a picture about somewhere that is special to us and makes us feel happy and warm. And towards the end of the week we began looking at how the environment has changed and improved during these unusual times. This will hopefully inspire the children to write a formal letter to a government official about how we can keep these positive changes. I am looking forward to reading all their responses.

We had a lovely PE session and the children enjoyed completing an obstacle course especially when I asked them to design their own, lots of collaboration skills were needed. They had some super ideas and worked well together.

I am really looking forward to next week and seeing all their smiling, happy faces.

Our weekly PE day is on Monday. Please ensure your child's PE kit and Swimming kit is in school. The children have also chosen their reading books and have been given their reading record books too.

Mrs Visick


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