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Week ending 22nd October 2021 

What a wonderful term Chaipel class have had. They have made me one proud teacher. Their attitude to learning has been fantastic.

This term we have written an information sheet, a short story with suspense, researched different habitats and written a poem about world war 1. 

In maths they have been learning place value, addition, subtraction, divison and multiplication, problem solving and greater depth.

We have learnt lots of new skills to enable us to play football, active mile, yoga and gymnastics and of course our fab cross country runners did Polperro school proud!

Art - they had to draw their main character from their story using their own description. This gave them a chance to recognise how much of an image they had given the reader. Some ended up changing their story to incorporate more detail.

The children said a fond farewell to Mr Hillman who has been helping Chaipel class this term and we wish him all the luck as he starts he new job.

Finally, thank you for all of their wonderful costumes today, we have had a spooktalular day with lots of spooky activities for them to complete.

Have a great half term, rest up and stay safe.

Mrs Visick, Mrs Roberts and Mr Hillman


Week ending 8th October 2021 

The children have worked really hard this week and we are near the completion of their narrative writing. They have used suspense,  relative clauses, prepositions and adventurous vocabulary to hook the readers. They have edited and improved their writing and are now ready to write their neat and final copy. 

In PE the children have used all of their newly learnt skills to play a some quick football games. We used our professional footballers amongst us to help the teams score lots of goals. We will now be concentrating on gymnastics.

Art has seen the children use their description in their stories to draw their characters. I think some of the children realized they needed to use more adjectives. It was very helpful for them and many went back to change their writing.

Well done Chaipel Class.

Have a great weekend and I will see you all on Monday.

Mrs Visick, Mrs Roberts and Mr Hillman


Week ending 1st October 2021 

Fictional writing!

After last weeks successful information text writing, the children are using this to help them to plan their narrative writing. We have been busy looking at how we can hook the reader. They have come up with some very interesting ideas. We have been learning how to use prepositional phrases and adverbial phrases too.

Maths: we are moving on to addition and subtraction using the column method for 4 digits or more. The children seem very excited about learning this and they are always up for extra math's Lessons!. 

We are now learning how to be a good goalkeeper in PE. We are trying to use the outside space as much as we can and so far have been lucky with the weather. Please could you ensure your child has all of their PE kit in school as a few are missing items like trainers, shorts/leggings etc. 

Have a good weekend and stay safe.

Mrs. Visick, Mrs. Roberts and Mr. Hillman.


Week ending 24th September 2021 

Lots of  information writing!

Chaipel have been really busy writing their final copy of their information text. They have researched, planned, written draft copies, edited and improved their writing and now they are beginning to write their best copy. They are coming along a treat! Next week they will be adding pictures and fact boxes. I am looking forward to seeing them completed.

We are nearing the end of place value in Maths with just a few more lessons and then we will moving on to addition and subtraction. Next week the children will be recapping negative numbers, Roman numerals and problem solving.

We continue to practice our times tables daily and we do this in a variety of ways. We use the iPads, play games, or complete coded pictures. We will try some catchy songs next week.

We have been learning how to control a football in PE using our feet and how to avoid defenders trying to obtain the ball by using different types of turning. We have use inside hook, outside hook and drag back turns. They all tried really hard.

In our Religious Education lesson we are trying to answer the question Creation and Science - Conflict or Complimentary? We have revisited the creation story of the Christians and we will investigate why they believe in this story.

Well done Chaipel class, another super week.

Have a lovely weekend and we look forward to seeing you all on Monday.

Mrs. Visick, Mrs. Roberts and Mr. Hillman.



Week ending 17th September 2021 

Back into the full swing of learning.

Again, we have had a very busy 2nd week of school.

We have had an online music lesson with Ms Butlin. The children have been learning how to play a drum and singing some seasonal songs too. They really enjoyed themselves.

We are now beginning to investigate our enquiry question which is ' What is the circle of life?'. We have been using our Science lessons to research all the different habitats across the world and gather facts and information to write in our English lesson. We are looking at the features of an information text and will be applying these to write our own information text. We have also been revising punctuation for parenthesis and for subordinate clauses.

In Maths we are continuing with our place value and have been looking at numbers to 100,000 and to 10 million for year 5 and 6 respectively. We have also revisited rounding numbers to 10,100, and 1000. We will be moving onto negative numbers and Roman Numerals. We continue to practice our times tables daily and the children have been using Sumdog to help them consolidate their Maths learning. I have also set them some times tables tasks to complete. They can do this at home if they would like too and they have all taken home their log in details for this.

We have also been learning about the seven different continents of the world and how this can influence the different habitats of animals. We have been using atlases and the internet to help us discover where they are.

PE: we are learning football skills and managed to fit in a session today before the rain set in. The children had a wonderful lesson with lots of laughter, sportsmanship and skills learnt.

I have attached Chaipel's homework grid for them to choose something that they would like to complete at home. When they have finished a piece they can bring it in to school for me to look at.

Well done Chaipel another wonderful week!

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10th September 2021 

Welcome Chaipel Class.

It was lovely to see our new Chaipel Class this week after our Summer holidays.

We have been busy team-building and playing games to get to know each other better.

The children have written their first piece of work a poem entitled 'What I didn't do'. We recapped how a poem has rhythm, rhyming couplets and revisited using the correct punctuation. They all thought of some brilliant ideas and they I know they had fun writing them.

We have begun revisiting place value in Maths and we will continue with this over the next few weeks. We are busy practicing our times tables as this will help them with their Maths learning during the year. 

Our new enquiry this term is 'What is the circle of life?' The children have thought long and hard as to what this means and have come up with some very exciting questions for us to investigate and learn from. We will keep you updated as we cover these.

Please ensure their PE kit is in school as well as their swimming kit. We hope to make use of the pool while the weather is still good.

Well done for a great first week Chaipel Class. See you on Monday morning.


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Happy half term everyone. Please remember that there is a staff training day on Monday 1st November. The school reopens to pupils on Tuesday 2nd November.

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