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Welcome to the Head's Blog 

Please visit this page regularly for news and information about our school.

Mrs Hillman


Spring is here! 

Dear Parents and Carers

We have had another good week at school. The enquiry questions around sowing and growing have meant that around the school areas of garden are coming to life, including a garden for dinosaurs which has appeared just outside of Penhallow Class. We are about to begin work on developing our outside learning area so please watch this space for more news.

World Book Day Books Vouchers are valid until Sunday 28th March if you haven’t already spent them.

PE Kits A reminder that children should have a complete PE kit in school every day. They should bring it in on the first day of the half term and keep it in school and we will send it home if it needs a wash. When the PE kits come home next week at the end of term we would be grateful if you would check that your child’s plimsolls or trainers still fit well so that the children can run in them safely. The children may have outgrown them since they were last in school!

School Uniform We are currently setting up an online supplier, more details to follow. If you need any items we still have items in stock here, including PE kit (red t-shirt, black shorts).

End of Term Next Thursday is the last day of term and the day will end at the same time as usual in order to keep our bubbles separate. School starts again on Monday 19th April.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Hillman


Reconnecting the whole school 

Friday 19th March 2021

Dear Parents and Carers

Comic Relief
Firstly, a gigantic thank you for the effort which went into the amazing costumes for Comic Relief today. There was a fantastic buzz around the school all day and we have raised over £100.  We were able to take the whole school onto the field this morning, socially distanced of course, to do a giant Mexican wave so that the children could all see each other. 

Parent Consultations
You will have received yesterday an email regarding parent consultations on Teams next week. Please email secretary@polperroprimary.co.uk to let us know your preferred slot so that teachers can meet with you to discuss how your child has settled back in and their progress this year.

Last week on several days we had 100% attendance at school which is amazing. Thank you for ensuring your child attends every day.

Picking up and dropping off

If you are going to be late in the morning, please let us know so that we can arrange for your child to come in to school safely. Our times are currently close together to make it as easy as possible for parents with siblings in different classes but we still need to stick to allotted times so that bubbles do not mix in order to keep children, staff and families as safe as possible. Times are as follows: Penhallow 8:45 – 3pm Landaviddy 8:50 – 3:05 Talland 8:50 – 3:15 Chaipel 8:40 – 3:15

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Hillman


Welcome back to school 

Hello Parents and Carers

We have come to the end of eight weeks of online teaching and school reopens for all on Monday.  We are ALL very excited about seeing everyone again in person.

Here is the information you will need to help you prepare for your child's return.  It has also been emailed to you.

Drop off and Pick Up
Start and end times will remain the same as before Christmas as follows:
Killigarth Nursery: arrive 9:00 nursery gate;  pick up 3:15 (or as agreed)
Penhallow Class: arrive 8:45 side gate;   pick up 3:00pm side gate
Landaviddy Class: arrive 8:50 main gate;   pick up 3:05pm main gate
Talland Class: arrive 8:50 main gate;   pick up 3:15pm main gate
Chaipel Class: arrive 8:40 main gate; pick up 3:15pm side gate

Please help us to keep everyone safe by arriving at the time given and leaving as soon as you have dropped off or collected your child so that all families can arrive and leave safely. One adult only should drop off and collect. If you have children in more than one class, please arrive at the time that your earliest child should be there.

Face Coverings and Social Distancing
Please wear a face covering when dropping off and picking up. Staff will be wearing face coverings during these times and also in school in communal areas, however teachers will not be wearing them when teaching. Please observe social distancing when dropping off and picking up to keep us all safe.

Children’s Work from Lockdown
We know how much effort the children have put into their learning at home and would like to keep examples of the work they have produced during lockdown. Please look on the Class Blogs for requests from teachers for specific pieces of work for the children to bring in. There will be no need to bring everything in. They have been asked for their favourite piece of work from their lockdown work. If your child has been in school, we will keep pieces of their work too and ask them to choose their favourite piece (in paper form or a photo).

Uniform and Equipment
Children should come into school in school uniform; however, if they have grown out of any items and you have not been able to replace them yet, please don’t worry, just let us know.

We still need to limit the number of items coming from the home to school and from school to home so please send your child in with a bag containing only the following items: a packed lunch; a healthy snack for mid-morning (Penhallow and Landaviddy Classes will be provided with fruit); a named water bottle containing water; a fully labelled PE kit in a labelled drawstring bag (this will stay in school);  sun hat and sun cream; a pencil case (most are still in school) not to be shared with anyone else (Penhallow class children will be provided with their own pot of pens, pencils, scissors and glue which they will not share with anyone else); a bookbag for years R-3; a coat.

Wraparound Care
Breakfast Club (8am with Mr Bishop) will run from Monday 8th. Children should arrive accompanied at the back door, on foot at 8am. Please email school on secretary@polperroprimary.co.uk if you would like a place for your child.

Keeping in Touch Class blogs and the Heads’ blog on the school website will be updated weekly so that we can share with you what the children are learning.

These are the main messages for you at the moment as we start back, but we will send out further correspondence as needed, via email, text and on the blogs.

Looking forward to seeing you all very soon.

Mrs Hillman


Half Term 

Half Term is Here

It was lovely to all get together for our whole school assembly this morning  to celebrate  the learning and achievements of the children this half term.  Just keeping going with their learning has been an achievement in itself and we are all very proud of the way they have handled the changes.

Attached to this blog is a PowerPoint which I showed in assembly which showcases just a fraction of the learning.

I hope you all have an enjoyable and safe half term and look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday, 23rd February, either virtually or in  school.

Mrs Hillman

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Merry Christmas Everyone 

Dear Parents and Carers

Thank you for your support this term and during 2020. The children have been amazing in the way they have dealt with the changes and challenges at school. They have worked extremely hard since their first day back in September and their good humour and resilience and amazingly positive attitude to learning has been wonderful to see.

The children have worked hard all week to complete their learning before enjoying a wonderful Christmas meal on Wednesday that the children ate in their bubbles (see photo) and their well-deserved parties on Thursday afternoon.  

Here are some important messages for the end of term:

Christmas Blogs
We have missed having you in for performances this year however teachers have uploaded videos of our Christmas activities on to the class blogs for you to enjoy.

If your child tests positive for Coronavirus (Covid-19) during the school holidays, please inform me by email (head@polperroprimary.co.uk) as soon as possible. I will check emails up to and including Christmas Eve so that the school can work with Public Health England and Test and Trace to identify and inform those who may need to isolate.

Dates and INSET
Monday 4th January is an INSET day.  We look forward to welcoming the children back to school on Tuesday 5th January 2021.

With all best wishes for a very safe and very happy Christmas. 
Mrs Hillman and all of the staff at Polperro Primary Academy


Christmas is Coming 

We are all very busy in school with the run up to Christmas. The children enjoyed their art day this week and thank you for sending them in wearing their festive jumpers today. We raised over £80 for Save the Children.

Christmas lunch is on Wednesday 16th. Whether your child is having a traditional Christmas lunch or packed lunch on this day, they will all eat in their own classrooms with each bubble on the screen so they can see each other. They have made Christmas Crowns to wear during our Christmas Art Day.

Christmas Parties Each bubble will have their party on Thursday afternoon. Please send your child in wearing their party clothes (please make sure they are warm enough to go outside at playtime) as we are still limiting the amount of belongings being brought in from home.  Look out for a separate letter from your child’s teacher regarding their class party.

Christmas Presentations and Performances We will miss seeing you in school for performances this year however classes have been working hard to create something special for you and this will appear on the class blogs next week. We will let you know when.

The last day of this term will be Friday 18th December with the usual Friday pick-up time. January 4th is an INSET day and we will open again to the children on Tuesday, 5th January 2021.

Stay Safe

Mrs Hillman


Another Busy Week! 

This year's Remembrance Assembly was a little different as it was on Teams. We were however all together, albeit virtually, to hear the children talk about and show the poppies they had made and why, before observing our 2 minute silence.

Our Enquiry Questions
Enquiry-based learning is going at full speed at Polperro.  Penhallow Class is learning about bears in order to answer the question 'Are All Bears Real?' Landaviddy Class has gone back in time to find out about the Egyptians at the beginning of their learning journey to answer the question Did Mummies Always Text?' Talland Class continues to work out ' What is Out There?' while Chaipel Class is grappling with the question 'Is What you Wear Who You Are?'.  There is more information about how the children have been answering their class question on the class blogs.

Children In Need
We had a fun assembly in PJs yesterday.  Thank you for sending the children into school in MUFTI and for your generosity.  At the last count we had raised over £160.  The Pudsey Ears ran  out very quickly (sorry to those who were disappointed not to get some) so we have made a note to order more next year.

Our next non uniform day will be on Friday 11th December which is Christmas Jumper Day.  We are planning a range of Christmas activities for the children for the run up to Christmas and will share them with you soon.  Watch this space!

Thank you for your continued support for the school.

Mrs Hillman


Welcome Back 

It has been lovely to see everyone back in school this week.

We had our annual Autumn Art afternoon on Thursday which although lovely, wasn’t quite the same without you coming in to join us.

Online Learning
Nearly all parents and carers are now using the Arbor App to inform us of consents for their children. This is particularly important at the moment as we need your consent in order teach your child online should a bubble have to close meaning pupils need to stay at home. It would help us to know if your child does not have access to a tablet, laptop or PC should this happen. Please email school on secretary@polperroprimary.co.uk by Friday 13th November if this is the case.

Poppies There will still be poppies available for the children to buy until the 11th November.

Children in Need Next Friday, 13th November, is Children in Need and we would like children to come dressed in their pyjamas and dressing gowns. This is the idea that the majority of children voted for this week. A donation of £1 would be gratefully received. We have some Pudsey ears for sale so if you would like to buy some to raise funds, please send your child in with £2:50.

PE We will continue to do most of our PE outside so please make sure your child has tracksuit bottoms or joggers with their PE kit to keep them warm.

Staying Safe In light of the current situation, we have reviewed our risk assessments and routines and continue to keep the school safe by minimising contact with individuals who are unwell by ensuring that those who have coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms, or who have someone in their household who does, do not attend school. The enhanced hygiene routines continue to include cleaning hands thoroughly more often than usual; ensuring good respiratory hygiene by promoting the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ approach; and continuing enhanced cleaning, including cleaning frequently touched surfaces often. The children continue to cope amazingly well with the routines.

We hope that you all stay safe and well during this difficult and challenging time.

Mrs Hillman


Autumn Half Term 

Dear Parents and Carers

This half term has been a challenge for all of us and the children have responded amazingly well. We are very proud of how resilient they have been. Thank you for your support this half term and your positive feedback during the recent parent consultations.

After School Wraparound Care 3:15 – 4:15

Unfortunately, we have not had sufficient numbers to make this provision viable so will not be offering after school care after half term. We are sorry we are not able to make this work at the moment and will review requirements and start it up again if the demand rises. This does not affect Breakfast Club which will still be running.

Poppies and Remembrance
These have been put into a box for each bubble and will be available for sale in classrooms after half term. If your child would like to buy a poppy to raise funds for the British Legion, please on this occasion, send your child in with cash which they will be able to put into the pot in each bubble. A minimum donation of 20p would be welcome.

Staggered starts
Start times remain as follows for each class and your child should arrive as close as possible to this time. Chaipel 8:40; Penhallow 8:45; Landaviddy 8:50; Talland 8:50 Please do not drop your child before their allotted time unless you have a prearranged agreement with the school. Thank you to the very many of you who are already ensuring this happens.

I hope you have a safe and enjoyable half term and we look forward to welcoming the children back on Tuesday 3rd November.

Mrs Hillman


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The last day of term is Thursday 1st April. We look forward to welcoming everyone back after the Easter break on Monday 19th April.

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