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Our week at nursery

Hello everyone,
It was lovely to see some more of you back at nursery this week and we have had great fun learning about the story of "The three little pigs". The children have explored the interest table and enjoyed trying to construct houses and use props to recreate the story. We have made some pig houses out of straw, sticks and bricks and painted some pigs for 'our favourite stories' display.
Next week we will look at the story of "The gingerbread man".

Thank you to those who are at home and carrying out the home learning and to everyone who is posting on tapestry and thank you to Tommy for the above picture of a winter snowman that he painted. Below are next weeks home learning activities.

Reading- Please encourage your child to look at and enjoy books at home. There are also some lovely stories available to access online.
You can access the story of "The gingerbread man" on You tube

Letters and sounds- Instrumental sounds

*Listen and copy. Gather some instruments or other items that make a noise (pots, pans, spoons). Play a sound for your child to copy. You can make it loud or quiet and try creating some simple patterns. Encourage your child to play sounds for you to copy and discuss these sounds with them. You could ask about their favourite sound.

Maths- Shape, space and measures.

*Shape sort. (see picture) You can use shaped buttons for this but if you don't have any then don't worry as you can always cut different shapes out of coloured paper. Use a bun tray or separate pots if you do not have one of these and ask your child to sort all of the different shapes into the right place e.g. put all of the circles into one pot and all triangles into another. Talk to your child about the shapes that they are sorting. To extend learning further you could introduce more difficult shapes.

Creative- Attached is a recipe to make gingerbread people. Why not have a go at baking and decorating some!
or you could draw around your child's outline and then ask them to decorate it using paint, paper or pens to create their very own gingerbread person.

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Learn at home with Killigarth nursery- 18/01/2021 

Home Learning- 18/1/21

Hello everyone, we hope that you are all staying safe and are well.
We would like to say thank you to everyone that has posted observations and pictures of their home learning onto Tapestry for us to see. We have very much enjoyed looking at what you have all been learning and thank you to Amber for this picture of her ice cube painting.

For the next few weeks our focus will be "our favourite stories". This week we are looking at "The three little pigs", however do feel free to share your pictures with us on Tapestry of your children enjoying their own favourite stories.

Julie, Jane and Ati.

 Reading- Please encourage your child to look at and enjoy books at home. There are also some lovely stories available to access online.
The story of "The three little pigs" can be found on you tube at

Letters and sounds- This week we will be looking at Body percussion and voice sounds. Have a go at the following activities.

*Action songs. Sing songs and action rhymes in which children can add actions e.g.  knee claps, foot stomps. "Heads, shoulders, knees and toes" is a great action song for children to join in with. or try  "if your happy and you know it" (The children will likely know these well from nursery)

*Voice sounds. Read "The three little pigs" or another favourite story to your child. Make the different voice sounds e.g. a growly big voice for the wolf and a small squeaky voice for the pigs. Encourage your child to have a go at making the different voice sounds as you progress throughout the story.

 This week we are looking at Shape, space and measures.

*Shape collage. (See picture) Cut different shapes out of coloured paper (ask your child to help with this). Encourage them to make a shape collage using the cut out shapes and gluing them onto paper. Discuss the shapes that your child is using to make their picture.

*Shape sort. (See pictue) Make some shapes on the ground using some sticky or masking tape or on several pieces of paper draw different shapes. Talk to your child about what shapes you have made and then ask them to find objects around the house that match those shapes. Discuss what they have collected and the shapes the objects are at the end of the task.

Creative task  (See picture) Have a go at collecting sticks from the garden or objects to build with if you are out having a walk. See if your child can build a "Three little pigs" stick house! You could even have a go at building all three and then at the end read the story.
If you have some spoons then why not have a go at making the pigs to go with the houses.(See picture) We would love to see all of your creations!

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Learn at home with Killigarth Nursery 11/1/21 

Home Learning- 11/01/21

We hope you all had a good first week. It was lovely to speak to you all and see how you and your families have been over the Christmas holidays and start of the new year. Thank you to those that have looked at the home learning activities on last weeks blog and please see below for this week's activities.

 Reading- Please encourage your child to look at and enjoy books at home. There are also some lovely stories available to access online.
As we are looking at winter this week, there is a lovely story available on you tube to watch called "The polar bear and the snow cloud"

Letters and Sounds- Phase 1 Environmental sounds

* Sound Hunt outside.
Go on a sound walk outside and see what you can hear. Encourage your child to identify sounds in their outdoor environment and talk about them. It may be the rustling of the leaves or the crunch of the ice on the ground. Attached is a winter hunt sheet that you could also use to find wintery objects.

*What's in the box? Fill a small box with items that make different sounds e.g. a crisp packet, a squeaky toy or some keys. Ask your child to try and identify the sound before showing it to them. Talk about the sounds heard. Where they loud or quiet?, did they rattle or squeak?.

Maths- Numbers and size

*The difference in size.
Encourage your child to identify size by finding objects around the house to draw around and compare e.g. two sets of hands/two pairs of shoes to identify big and small or draw around a grown up and a sibling to compare heights tall and short. Why not get your child to then decorate or colour them in!

*How many steps? Ask your child to count how many steps it takes to get to different areas of your house. E.g. how many steps to the kitchen?, how many steps from the kitchen to the bathroom?. Encourage your child to count aloud and talk about their steps. For example, did they take big or little steps?.

Get creative! With our winter theme in mind, why not have a go at making a winter snowman. (See attached picture) Use a potato masher in white paint to create the snowman effect  before adding some accessories. If you don't have paint you could try glue and shredded paper!

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Learn at home with Killigarth Nursery 5/1/21 

Home Learning 05/01/21

Hello everyone,
Happy new year! We hope you enjoyed the Christmas holidays and although it is a strange start to the new year, hopefully things can only get better!

To continue to support your child's learning whilst at home, please see below for activity ideas to try.
Please find time to learn alongside your child and enjoy the opportunity to talk to them about their learning and ideas.

Julie, Jane and Ati.

 Please encourage your child to look at and enjoy books at home. There are also some lovely stories available to access online.

Letters and sounds- This week we are looking at instrumental sounds. 
Activities to try include:

*A musical show- Find some pots, pans, spoons (whatever you may have at home) and ask your child to bang, tap, blow them putting on a show for family members. Ask your child about the sounds they are making and which are their favourites. 

*Loud and quiet- Using objects from around the house, ask your child to play bang, tap and play their instruments loudly and quietly. Discuss what other sounds are loud and quiet and ask which they prefer.

This week we are looking at number, size and positional language.

*Big and small-
Ask your child to help collect different objects from around the house. Encourage them to identify big and small items. You could even introduce medium sized to make it a little more difficult. To extend learning you could introduce some simple positional language. E.g. "The big car is on top of the box".

*Number hunt- Write numbers on pieces of paper and hide them around the house/ garden. Ask your child to find the numbers and encourage them to repeat number names to reinforce them. 

We are following a theme of winter for the next two weeks so with this in mind why not have a go at some ice cube painting! (see pictures)
All you need is some paper, food colouring, water and a freezer!

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Merry Christmas

The Christmas holidays are here and we would like to take this opportunity to wish you a merry Christmas and a very happy new year.
Have a lovely Christmas and we will see you when we return to nursery on Tuesday 5th January 2021.

The Children have put on some very special Christmas performances which will be on Tapestry later for you to see. Enjoy!

Julie, Jane and Ati.



Christmas has well and truly started at nursery this week and the children have been busy making lots of Christmas creations ready to take home.
We have started carrying out preparations for our Christmas performance which will be shared with nursery parents via Tapestry towards the end of next week and we hope you will enjoy it.
We will continue to carry out lots of fun activities for the children to join in and enjoy in the lead up to the last day of term next Friday.

Julie, Jane and Ati


Animals week 2 

Christmas is coming!

Hello everybody,
This week we have continued to look at different animals and the children have enjoyed various art and craft activites. This included making salt animal shapes where the children could explore and experiment with mixing colours using water and paint.
We have started to get into the Christmas spirit and on Tuesday put our nursery Christmas tree up. The children enjoyed decorating it and we had many discussions as to who had put their tree up at home and who had seen Christmas lights around where they live.
We have started to carry out some Christmas craft and look forward to a fun next two weeks of Christmas themed activities.

Julie, Jane and Ati



Do what the animals do!

Hello everyone,
We have had a busy animal themed week this week. We have been looking at different animals, the sounds they make and how they move. The children enjoyed an animal hunt around the play ground and grassy area and we moved in different ways to the animals we found and made the sounds that they make.
The children have enjoyed lots of craft activities this week. They explored different colours by taking part in an experiment to see what colours they could create with water and pens. They have enjoyed sticking and making animal masks and have also created animal footprints using the paint.
We will continue to explore our animal theme into next week when we will have lots more fun activities for the children to take part in.

Julie, Jane and Ati



Hello everyone,
 This week we have celebrated Diwali at nursery. We have read the story of Rama and Sita and as it is known as the festival of lights it has been a great opportunity to discuss colours with the children. This has led to the children using language to discuss favourite colours and colours that we can see in the environment.
This has been our last week of discovering and learning about autumn. We will be learning about animals and what animals eat during the next two weeks.

Over the last week or two, your child should have received a book folder and have chosen a book to take home and share. We will continue to change these each week ensuring that books and folders are cleaned and quarantined accordingly in between.

We would like to say a big thank you to all of our wonderful parents who have donated toys and clothes to the nursery. We appreciate this very much and it helps immensely in us been able to continue to support your children in their learning and development.

Julie, Jane and Ati



Remembrance/Children in need

Hello Everyone,
                          It has been another busy and productive week at nursery. We have continued our autumn theme by making leaf collages and the children have explored our autumn themed interest table with great interest.
On Wednesday it was remembrance day. It proved difficult for our young children to observe two minutes silence however we honored it by making poppy pictures with the paint and displaying them on the wall.
We celebrated children in need on Friday by coming to nursery in our pyjamas and we did some Pudsey colouring and made Pudsey ears.
It has been a fun week.

Julie, Jane and Ati.

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