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We have had a lovely week at nursery and are beginning to explore autumn.
The children have been busy making handprint leaves which have gone onto our autumn tree display and they have enjoyed exploring the autumn themed interest table. They have carried out activities such as comparing pinecones and discussed the texture of them and talked about where they come from as well as talking about animals we might see in autumn.
We will continue this into next week and are looking forward to having an autumn/ halloween themed day next Friday for our last day before the half term holiday.



We have had an exciting week of looking at and discussing one of our favourite stories- “The gingerbread man”.
We have talked about what gingerbread tastes and smells like, if we like the taste and what might happen if we baked some. The children have enjoyed listening to the story and also to an alternative version named “The ninja bread man”. We have also enjoyed gluing and sticking and decorating our own gingerbread men to take home.
Next week we will enjoy another of our favourite stories.
Have a lovely weekend 

Julie, Sarah and Helen

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It has been a busy week at nursery as we continue finding out about the children, their likes and dislikes, where we live and how we travel to nursery. With this in mind the children made cars and discussed colours of cars and who brings them to nursery as well as the shape of the features of the cars they made e.g. round and square.
We have also started to discuss our favourite stories this week and we have enjoyed sharing story time and had wonderful conversations with the children about which books they enjoy looking at and who they share these with.
Have a lovely weekend 
Julie, Sarah and Helen.


All about me  

We have had a lovely second week of settling back into nursery life and the children have been very busy painting self portraits to go up on our display board. We have enjoyed the lovely weather that we had during the week and made the most of getting outside. Next week we are looking forward to exploring some of our favourite stories.
Have a lovely weekend everyone

Julie, Sarah and Helen


Welcome back 


Hello everyone, 
I hope you all had a wonderful summer. It’s lovely to see all of the children back to nursery as well as welcoming some new faces.
Everyone has settled back into nursery life very well and we are looking forward to the next few weeks where we will have lots of exciting activities planned.
we have also welcomed Sarah and Helen, our new nursery staff to the setting. They have enjoyed their first week with us and have enjoyed getting to know the children.


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Happy half term everyone. Please remember that there is a staff training day on Monday 1st November. The school reopens to pupils on Tuesday 2nd November.

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