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Happy Holiday's

It has been a very busy last week of nursery. 
We have finished discussing and exploring holidays and the beach and this week has also seen the graduation of our nursery leavers.
After a small celebration on Wednesday where the children were awarded their graduation certificates, we now bid them farewell and good luck on their next journey into big school. We also say goodbye to Jane and Ati who are leaving us to explore new opportunities but look forward to welcoming our new team members Sarah and Helen.
We would like to wish you all a lovely summer holidays and we look forward to seeing you all when we return to nursery on Tuesday 7th September 2021.



Hello everyone,

We have had another lovely week at nursery. We have been enjoying the lovely weather and have tried to get outside as much as possible. This week we have held our own alternative to sports day with the children carrying out bike races, balancing games and hula hoop challenges.
We have continued to explore the theme of holidays and the beach and the children have made colourful ice lollies which look good enough to eat.
Have a lovely weekend and we look forward to seeing you next week for the last week of nursery before the summer holidays.



The beach 

This week at nursery we have started to explore holidays and going to the beach.
We have had some lovely discussions about the beach and the children have answered questions such as “why do we like going to the beach?”and “what things might we find at the beach?”
we have created some beach/sea themed sand art pictures and look forward to continuing with this next week as well as creating some other  amazing works of art.


Under the sea continued..... 

It has been a lovely week at nursery where we have continued to explore and learn about  "under the sea".
The children have enjoyed playing in the role play area where they have had a beach café and a paddling pool filled with lots of wonderful things, including number turtles, shells and books associated with under the sea.
We have been busy creating tissue paper sea creatures which are bright and colourful on our windows and have been singing lots of songs such as "Tiny Tim" (a turtle) and "row, row your boat".
This leads us nicely into next weeks theme, where we will look at holidays and the beach.

Have a lovely weekend.

Julie, Jane and Ati

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Under the sea 

Under the sea is where we want to be!
This week we have started to look at creatures and objects that we might find under the sea.
We have enjoyed reading under the sea stories and the children have explored a range of non fiction books. They have all participated in some great counting and when asked questions such as "can you count how many legs an octopus has?" they have all joined in with finding out.
We have started to create an under the sea display and the children have made jelly fish to hang from it and they have created a range of movements when we have danced to under the sea themed songs.

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The Gruffalo  

This week at nursery, we have been exploring the story of "The Gruffalo".
It is one of our favourite books to read and the children have really enjoyed it.
On the interest table, the children have used small world animals in order to act out scenes from the story and have matched Gruffalo body parts to the correct pictures.
In the role play area, the children have made Gruffalo crumble, owl ice cream and scrambled snake.
We have had a fun week and look forward to next week where we will be starting to look at and discuss under the sea.

Have a lovely weekend.

Julie, Jane and Ati.


We’re going on a bear hunt! 

Hello everyone,
This week at nursery, we have being exploring ‘our favourite stories’ and one of our most popular books has been “we’re going on a bear hunt”.
With this story in mind the children have enjoyed some bear themed activities. Craft activities have had the children creating their own bears through cutting and sticking and the children enjoyed re-enacting the story using props such as water, tissue paper for grass and wet sand for mud. It created some wonderful discussions about the different textures that they  found  and the children joined in with repeated phrases from the story as it was carried out. Next week we will explore the story of “The Gruffalo”.
Have a lovely weekend.

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We have had a lovely week of discovering transport and the children have been busy exploring the map on the interest table to see where in the world they would like to go and how they could get there. 
We have enjoyed many discussions about different types of vehicles and the children have explored the sounds that they make. The children have made shape transport collage and played in the sensory trays with the diggers and lorries.

See you all next week!



It has been another exciting week of exploration and discussions related to people who help us. The children have made bags with tools and items that different people might use in their jobs and have practiced using the scissors to cut with in order to do this. We have looked at some lovely stories about people who help us and this leads us nicely into looking at transport next week.
We hope you all have a lovely weekend and look forward to seeing you next week.


People who help us 

Hello everybody,

We have had a lovely week where we have started to look at and discuss people who help us. The children have identified people such as doctors, nurses, vets, police officers and fire fighters. The children were asked the question “who helps you the most?” the list of replies included “mummy, she gives me presents when I hurt myself” and “granny helps me paint and draw”.
The children have also participated in some craft activities this week and enjoyed role play in the hairdressers. We will continue our wonderful discussions about people who help us next week.
Have a lovely weekend.

Julie, Jane and Ati

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