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A busy week! 

What a busy week we have had at nursery!!
Firstly we finished making our cars and vehicles to finish off our theme of transport and the children enjoyed using various materials including the mobilo to create different models including this grand train (as pictured).

We have made spooky mummy's pipe cleaner, spiders and paper pumpkins and, towards the end of the week, the children were invited to dress up for Halloween. They all looked fabulous!

We are all ready to enjoy some time off over half term now. We hope you have a lovely time and look forward to seeing you soon. Please note that Monday 2nd November is an INSET day so we will see you back bright and breezy to nursery on Tuesday 3rd November.

Julie, Jane and Ati


Boating adventures  

Hello everyone, 

We hope you’ve all had a lovely week.
At nursery this week the children have been very busy making boats. They enjoyed decorating tubs and then putting them in water to see if they would sink or float. The small world people have been sailing on the seas and enjoying great adventures in their boats.
We have painted and made outlines of different vehicles including diggers and aeroplanes and enjoyed talking to the children during letters and sounds activities about what noises they hear when they travel in a car.

Next week we will finish off looking at our theme of transport and introduce the children to Autumn which we will look at in more detail after half term.

Julie, Jane and Ati

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We have had a great first week exploring transport and the children have been getting creative and taking part in lots of messy play activities.
They especially enjoyed using different vehicles to create tyre tracks through the paint and spent a considerable amount of time participating in this activity, rolling, patting and also mark making with their fingers as well.

This week the children have started to make cars to go on our 'Marvellous Adventures' board. After half term we aim to use this to record any exciting adventures or activities that the children have undertaken at home and they will all have the opportunity to contribute to this. We will let you know more details soon. 

Have a lovely weekend 

Julie, Jane and Ati

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Food glorious food! 

This week we have had a busy week of carrying out food related crafts and activities. We continued to make plates of food with things that the children like to, eat including beans on toast and the children enjoyed painting and printing using different fruit and vegetables.
We have enjoyed many discussions from carrots helping us to see in the dark to “what do dinosaurs like to eat?”
Next week we will be moving onto a theme of transport which the children have already expressed an interest in.

We will see you all soon
Julie, Jane and Ati

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The Food We Eat 

Are you hungry yet?

We have had a lovely week at nursery talking about the different foods that we like and dislike, foods that we have tried and foods that we believe to be better for us.
The children have been creative and created fruit pictures using their hands and fingers whilst having some interesting discussions about which fruits they like and what they taste like.
 The children have also started to create plates of food and so far it is all about the Spaghetti Bolognese! We will continue these into next week.

Our sensory play this week has also contained a food theme as we have made cakes and buns in the sand tray and played with the animals in cereal. 
We have had a great week and look forward to next week.

Julie , Jane and Ati

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All about me 

All about me

Hello everyone, we hope that you have had a lovely week.
We have enjoyed our week at nursery and the children have been very busy indoors and out.
We have being following a theme of 'all about me' these past two weeks and have been getting to know the children well. The children have had great fun using the mirrors in order to create self portraits which we will be displaying on the wall in nursery. We have had some wonderful creations already as you can see from the picture. Next week we will be starting to look at the foods we like and dislike.

We look forward to another fun filled week and hope you have a great weekend.

Julie, Jane and Ati


First week back 

A great first week

Hello everyone, 
We have had a fantastic first week back to nursery. It has been lovely to welcome all of the children back and to meet all of the new children that have started.
They have all settled into nursery life exceptionally well and we are so happy that they have enjoyed their week with us. We have certainly enjoyed getting to know them!

This week we have spent lots of time exploring outside and the children have especially enjoyed playing in the water tray and using the jugs to fill and pour with. We have built sand castles, created towers with the bricks and used the chalk to draw pictures and 'write' on the playground.

We have welcomed some new additions to our nursery from this week in the form of our fish tank. The children have loved watching the fish, have asked many questions about them and laughed when the fish chase each other around the tank.

We look forward to seeing you all again next week and hope you have a lovely weekend.

Julie, Jane and Ati.

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A New Year 

A Big Hello

Hello everyone. We are looking forward to starting a new term and are excited to welcome all of our returning children as well as lots of new faces as well on Monday 7th September.

We are looking forward to some nice weather so we  can explore our newly painted outside area including our stripy bench.  We have lots of other exciting learning opportunities planned that we hope the children will enjoy. 

See you all soon.


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We all hope you have a lovely half term week and look forward to welcoming the children back on Tuesday 3rd November, after our staff training day on Monday 2nd November.

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