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Posted 26/07/2022
by Emily Randle

Happy hols!

Hey, Tallanders - WE MADE IT!

What a fabulous last week of term we've had!!

Our transition day went very well on Tuesday. We have all begun to get used to our new classes and new friends for next year. We have been learning to tell time to the nearest five minutes and confidence is definately growing!

We ended the week with a lovely art session with Sean, creating fish using abstract acrylic painting techniques. Don't they look just amazing?! Our class party was a well-deserved end to the proceedings and our class photo says it all, a lovely bunch of people maked up Talland 2021-22.

Summer Home Learning suggestions:
In order for the children to keep up with their current learning, they have taken home a pack of spelling activities. Please encourage them to do these (on a wet, drizzly summer's day) as we all know the saying, "use it or loose it".  Also, remember to keep up with times table practice and read for five minutes every day. 

If you should have a trip or a memorable day out this summer, please encourage your child to write a recount of this, or keep a summer diary which they could share with the class in September,   this would support their literacy and handwriting skills as well.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued support this year, working together is key to success.
Take care and have a fabulous and well-deserved summer break!

Miss Randle, Mr Bishop and Mrs Evered.


Head's Blog  

Posted 22/07/2022
by Anthea Hillman

Dear Parents and Carers

We are at the end of another wonderful year at Polperro School. The children have worked extremely hard and have achieved so much and we are all proud of them as I am sure you are. Thank you so much for all of your support throughout the year.

I will write again at the end of the summer break but here is the main information you will need about the new term in September.

Dropping off and picking up In September, the gates will be open from 8:40 to allow you plenty of time to drop off in order for your child to be in school ready for registration at 8:55. Please drop by 8:50 so that they are there in plenty of time for registration at 8:55. Pick up time for all classes will be 3:15 with Penhallow Class leaving from the side gate and Talland and Chaipel Classes from the main gate. Parents of pupils in Landaviddy Class (year 2/ Year 3) are asked to wait for their child outside Landaviddy Classroom on the patio at 3:15. This is accessed via the playground.

Homework The children have worked incredibly hard this year to catch up on any gaps they may have had as a result of the pandemic. In order to make the most of this progress and to keep your child’s learning ticking over during the summer break, information regarding activities they can do over the summer will be on class blogs today. With regard to keeping up writing skills, you child may wish to write about a particular trip, adventure or event over the summer. They are welcome to bring this in to share with their class and teacher in September.

Staffing This time last year we said goodbye to Ati Charlesworth who after three years in our nursery was leaving to pursue her dream of becoming a primary school teacher. One year on, I am delighted to let you know that Mrs Charlesworth is returning to Polperro School in September to teach in Talland Class on Fridays and across the school when cover is needed.

Uniform Information about our uniform is on this website under the information tab. Please ensure that everything is labelled for the start of term. PE and Swimming PE kit should come in on the first day of term and be in all half term. The swimming pool will still be open in September therefore please send your child in with their swimming kit on the first day. After School and Breakfast Clubs Wraparound care will start on the first day back (6th September). Please email the office ( if you would like your child to attend.

INSET Monday 5th September is an INSET day. We look forward to welcoming everyone back to school at 8:40 on Tuesday, 6th September.

Thank you again for all of your support throughout the year. Wishing you all a wonderful summer break.

Mrs Hillman and the staff at Polperro Primary Academy


Landaviddy   Friday 22nd July 2022 - End of Term

Posted 21/07/2022
by Alice Gibbings

Happy Summer!

We have had a fun packed week!

On Tuesday, we completed our work with Sean and painted our own patterned fish. We had a fantastic swimming lesson and discussed the importance of how to keep ourselves safe when in the water. Yesterday, we had a wonderful time celebrating the end of the year at our Class party. We had lots of snacks and dancing! 

Summer Home Learning

Please continue to read for 5 minutes daily. This might be reading your favourite book independently or sharing a story with a loved one. As long as you are still enjoying books that is wonderful! 

Attached to this blog post is a Summer Home Learning grid, which you can access and complete during the break if you would like to. Anything you complete, we would love for you to bring into school in September. 

We would like to thank all the Parents and Carers for their support during this academic year and look forward to welcoming the children back in September!

We hope you all have a wonderful summer break and have a much deserved rest! 

Miss Gibbings, Mrs Robinson and Mr H


Penhallow   Friday 22nd July 2022!

Posted 21/07/2022
by Amy Fernie

Well, what and end to another busy and fantastic year we have had! Thank you all so much for your efforts and support as we have completed another year with a friendly and enthusiastic bunch of Penhallow children. The children have worked so hard right up until the end of term and have continued to smile and make us proud of their achievements and progress as well as a laughter and fun times along the way.

This week the children had their transition morning and the Yr 1s came back buzzing about going into year 2, I hope they were as enthusiastic with you as they were with us!

We completed our art project with Sean where they have made different fish which will be placed on display outside on the school playground over the summer. We look forward to sharing with you the final designs and completed fish.

In English this week the children completed their own ‘Sidney Spider’ stories and there has been some fantastic writing and effort put in by all the children. Well done.

In Maths we finished off looking at place value up to 100 as well as looking at time, learning about O’clock.

They enjoyed their Gem Party on Wednesday and have enjoyed the last couple of days in the sun!

Here is a link to the Cornwall Council library's summer reading challenge. Follow the link to find out how you can be a Gadgeteer!

We just want to also say a massive thank you for all your kind and generous gifts, it was not necessary at all, but we are incredibly grateful by your generosity.

We hope you all have the most wonderful summer break, and we look forward to hearing about all the fun things you all got up to in the holidays as well as welcoming in many of your younger siblings.

Mrs Fernie, Mrs Counsell and Mrs G.


Killigarth Nursery   Summer Holidays

Posted 20/07/2022
by Julie Peat

We have reached the end of our last week at nursery. The children have enjoyed the last of their school visits and on Tuesday we said goodbye to them at our nursery graduation ceremony.
We wish them all the best as they start their new adventures in big school in September and we look forward to seeing our other children return to nursery and to welcoming some new faces also.

We wish you all a lovely summer and look forward to welcoming the children back on Tuesday 6th September.


Landaviddy   Friday 15th July 2022

Posted 15/07/2022
by Alice Gibbings

Another week has passed! I can't quite believe that next week is our last before the summer holidays! 

On Wednesday, we all enjoyed going to Talland beach. The children created some fantastic pieces of beach art, took part in a wonderful beach story activity and used their sense of sound to create some poetry postcards and beach sound cans! 

In English, we have continued to finalise our diary entries and have been making improvements to our work. Next week, we will finish this and write up our final neat copies! In Maths, we have been focussing on developing our knowledge of time which many have found challenging this week! However, it has been great to see so many apply their growth mindsets to their maths learning this week. 

Congratulations to Jack and Thomas for being Landaviddy's People of the Week. 

Next week, we have our final art session with Sean our End of Year party! Watch this space...

As the hot weather continues, please continue to ensure your child is sent in with suncream and a hat. 

We hope you have a lovely weekend.

Miss Gibbings, Mrs Robinson and Mr H


Head's Blog   Update 15th July 2022

Posted 15/07/2022
by Anthea Hillman

Update 15th July

It’s hard to believe that there is just one week left of this term before everyone breaks up for summer.

We have had another busy week with the Beach Day where children produced some wonderful writing in spite of the heat; Penhallow Class and Chaipel Class had art with Sean where the children finished their contribution to our school mural which will be completed over the break;  everyone has had swimming lessons in the pool.

In assembly today our many Taekwondo experts shared their recent gradings with the school.  Well done to Peyton, Chloe and Paige.

Year 6 Cake Sale, Thursday 21st July, 3pm There will be a cake sale next Thursday run by year 6 who have asked to do this to raise money for the school to buy something special for pupils who will be attending once they have left. Aren’t they amazing?! They are particularly keen to buy new sacks for the sack race next year. Cakes will be on sale from 3pm at the main gate at a cost of 75p each.

Ice Pop Friday
We will be selling ice pops again on Friday 22nd July, the last day of term.  We have raised over £100 so far for school so far.  Many thanks. 

We are currently planning fundraising events for next year. Watch this space for more details about what we are fundraising for and how.

Enjoy a sunny weekend ahead.

Mrs Hillman



Posted 15/07/2022
by Emily Randle

Another fun-packed week has come to an end for Talland class. We have been learning about angles and properties of triangles and quadrilaterals in Maths, researching and note taking information to answer our enquiry question in English and making the most of the glorious weather to swim during PE, amongst many other learning opportunities. 

Our beach day was awesome (although a little hot) and we have some amazing photos of the children enjoying the activities set for them. They listened to a beach story and then replicated it using natural resources found on the shore, created beach art from a visual image and wrote a literacy postcard using a range of figurative language to represent the sounds that the children heard and the scenery that caught their eye. Ava wrote, "The sparkling, sea belly-flopped onto the sandy, shore and the rocks sat listening to our conversation."

Thank you for supporting our Ice Pop Friday again, the money will go towards the children and resources needed; we will let you know what we have brought with the profits. 

So, our last week is upon us. Sean will be in on Friday morning to complete our art sessions this term, follwed by Talland's End of Year party! More details to follow...

Take care and have a lovely weekend!
Miss Randle, Mrs Evered and Mr Bishop. 


Penhallow   Friday 15th July

Posted 14/07/2022
by Emma Counsell

Friday 15th July

Good afternoon, what a beautiful, sunny week we've had! 

We all had a lot of fun on Wednesday at Talland beach at our whole school day. We learnt about the artist Andy Goldsworthy and created our own art using beach treasure. After lunch we walked up the hill, wow! it was hot! all of the children were amazing, we made sure we stopped for regular drink breaks and had some chill out time when we arrived back to school to let our bodies cool down.

On Tuesday Sean came to school for our final art session, we created some very colouring and intricate fish for our school surroundings, look out for them in September. 

We had our weekly music session with Mrs Butlin yesterday, the hall was full of lovely sounds being created by the children playing the xylophones and glockenspiels. 

In Maths - Y1 - we have been completing our end of unit assessment on fractions and refresh our brains about time and money.
YR - we have been practising using positional language to complete patterns. 

In English - Y1 - have been finishing their stories - they're fantastic, the children have worked so hard!

This week we would like to congratulate Grace and George for being our people of the week. 

We really can't believe that we've only got one week left of school until the holidays! It looks like it's going to be warm. Please can your child come into school in the mornings with sun-cream applied and we will help them to re-apply at lunchtime. 

Thank you

Enjoy your weekend and stay safe in the sun.
Mrs Counsell, Mrs Fernie and Mrs G. 


Killigarth Nursery  

Posted 13/07/2022
by Julie Peat

We have come to the end of looking at and exploring the beach and holidays and this week the children have enjoyed some beach themed stories including “The boy who unplugged the sea” and “sharing a shell”.
In addition to this, they have been making some beach themed tiles, don’t they look great? 
Next week is our last few days with the children before we finish for the summer holidays. Don’t forget that Tuesday at 2.45pm is our graduation ceremony for our school leavers.
Have a lovely weekend and stay safe in the sun.

Julie, Sarah and Chrissy.



Posted 08/07/2022
by Emily Randle

Sports Day fun!

What a lovely week it has been at Polperro School! We kick-started the week with a very successful Sports Day. Well done to all those who entered, we have some amazing children who really understand the importance of fair play and team spirit. The weather was kind and it was lovely to see the adults taking part - you competitive lot!

We have completed our writing in English based upon the story, Lights on Cotton Rock and I can't wait to read them. The children have been working on using figurative language and have applied similes, metaphors and personification to bring their narratives to life. In Maths it is all about shape. Year 4s are looking at shape properties and Year 5s are measuring angles using protractors. We did not have Sean in this week for weekly session of Art, but we did have Mrs Butlin in for music; many thanks!

It's our Whole School Beach Day next Wednesday so please check out the Head's letter/email for all the info you will need; we are really looking forward to it!

Thank you for your support for Ice Pop Friday! Sorry about the lack of 'frozen' pops this week but please continue to support us as all proceeds go towards school resources. We will will be selling them again next week!!

Take care and have a lovely weekend in the Sun!

Miss Randle, Mrs Evered and Mr B



Posted 08/07/2022
by Amy Fernie

Friday 8th July. 

What a fabulous and busy week we have all had! 

The weather stayed dry, and we had our first sports day since Covid hit, the children tried so hard and did so well remembering our obstacle course. They also obviously loved seeing all of you join in. Well done and thank you for coming. 

On Tuesday the children were absolute superstars, walked fantastically and listened so well enjoying our wonderful trip to Talland church. The they all got to play the organ, ring the church bells, and explore the key elements of a church understanding why it is a special place for Christians to go. We then had a lovely afternoon building our own special places on the beach. The children walked a very long way but just kept going with no complaining and they listened beautifully. Well done one and all. Check out the EYFS tapestry accounts for some updated photos. 

In maths the Year 1 children have been finishing their fractions unit looking at finding quarters of shapes. The reception children have begun to look at positional language. 

In English we have continued with our Sidney Spider story and the children have begun to write up their own edited version. They are trying incredibly hard, keep going. 

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the sunshine! 

Mrs Fernie, Mrs Counsell and Mrs G. 


Landaviddy   Friday 8th July 2022

Posted 08/07/2022
by Alice Gibbings

We have had a marvellous week in Landaviddy class! We started the week with Sports Day, which was great fun!

We have continued our enquiry by completing our own research on five significant explorers, in History. We then applied our learning to help us plan for our diary entries. In Geography, we explored some key topographical features, such as hills and mountains. We used Google Maps to name and locate hills and mountains found across the UK.  During RE, we looked at how we are all valuable and unique. We have also enjoyed using the swimming pool this week! 

In English, we have been busy planning and writing our own diary entries from the perspective of a famous explorer. We have been using our classroom resources to support our writing and focussed on writing in the past tense with accuracy. Year 3 have been working particularly hard in trying to use fronted adverbials and a range of sentence openers to add variety to the structure of the writing.

In Maths, we have been consolidating our knowledge of length and perimeter. Measurement can be such a tricky concept for many, but all the children have shown great resilience during out Maths lessons this week!

Congratulations to Ashton and Isaac for being Landaviddy's People of the Week and a big well done too Chilali for achieving her 44 club, Joel for achieving his 77 club and Harry for his 88 club!

We hope you have a lovely weekend and enjoy some sunshine!

Miss Gibbings, Mrs Robinson and Mr H


Head's Blog   Update 1st July 2022

Posted 03/07/2022
by Anthea Hillman

Last week Polperro Children took part in the first ever Bridge Schools Games. They really enjoyed the events and everyone gave it their best. The children competed in five events against the 14 Bridge schools (2200 children in total) and I am absolutely delighted to let you know that Polperro School came 1st! We are incredibly proud of this achievement and look forward to being presented with the trophy very soon. Congratulations to Darite for second place and Trenode (3rd Place) and to all of the other schools.

Sports Day is on Monday 4th July, starting at 10:00 am and ending at 12:00. The forecast looks good so here’s hoping the sun shines and we can enjoy a proper sports day this year with parents and carers present to cheer everyone on. Please ensure your child has their PE kit and a sun hat and sunscreen and a water bottle on the day.

Ice Pop Friday We will be selling ice pops after school at the main gate every Friday from next week until the end of term to raise extra funds for the school. Please send your child in with £1 or bring £1 along when you pick them up if you would like to buy one.  

Have a great weekend.

Mrs Hillman



Posted 01/07/2022
by Emma Counsell

Friday 1st July

What a lovely week we've had!

On Tuesday we walked down to Talland Beach, we had one light shower but other than that we were so lucky. The children were fantastic, following instructions, keeping safety and looking after each other. We had a delicious ice-cream at Talland Cafe. We all walked back up the long hill and arrived back to school just in time for lunch to re-energise our tired legs! 

As well as our trip, the children have been practising so hard for sports day, they can't wait for you to enjoy it with them at 10am on Monday 4th July. PE kits in school for this day please.

Yesterday we sadly said goodbye to Miss Philp. She has completed her training and we wish her lots of luck in her career as a teacher. 

*Reminder* - We went swimming today but lots of children didn't have swimming hats. Please can you provide your child one so we can keep the pool safe and clean for everyone to join, we only have a few spares. Please contact the school office if you would like to purchase one. 

Have a super weekend
Mrs Counsell, Mrs Fernie and Mrs G.



Killigarth Nursery  

Posted 01/07/2022
by Julie Peat

We have had a busy couple of weeks at nursery. We finished looking at all things under the sea and this week moved onto looking at and exploring the beach and holidays.
The children enjoyed many creative activities including making a shell imprint keepsake and explored the beach themed sensory tray with interest. This week the sensory tray has been a campfire and lots of fun has been had in the role play area which was beach themed and included a tent, paddling pool and BBQ. The children have participated in many discussions about the beach, what they like to do on the beach, who has been to the beach and what they might find on the beach.

We hope you all enjoy a lovely sunny weekend

Julie, Sarah and Chrissy


Landaviddy   Friday 1st July 2022

Posted 01/07/2022
by Alice Gibbings

Another busy week has passed! 

Landaviddy were surprised this week when we received some letters from Year 2 children at school in London. They asked us all about what it is like to live in Cornwall! Together, we sent an email with our responses! 

In English, we have been recapping what verbs are and how we use them when writing sentences and started looking at the past tense. Today, we used drama to imagine what it may be like to be an explorer trekking through the jungle, climbing a mountain or deep sea diving. We will use this next week to help us plan our own diary entries from the perspective of an explorer!

We have began to look at measurement this week. Many have found this very tricky, but it has been great to see so many of you using your growth mindset and not giving up! As part of our enquiry, we also explored what our classmates favourite fruits and animals were and presented the data we collected using pictograms, tally charts and bar charts!

In Science this week, we have also been looking at the affects of exercise on our bodies and what we can do to stay healthy! 

Congratulations to Lily, Skye and Thomas for being Landaviddy's People of the Week and a big well done to Kora for achieving her 66 club this week!

Sports Day  Reminder
This will be held on Monday 4th July, starting at 10:00 am and ending at 12:00. As the forecast looks good, please ensure your child has their PE kit, a sun hat, sunscreen and a water bottle on the day.

Ice Pop Friday
We will be selling ice pops after school at the main gate every Friday from next week until the end of term to raise extra funds for the school. Please send your child in with £1 or bring £1 along when you pick them up if you would like to buy one.

We hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Miss Gibbings, Mrs Robinson and Mr H



Posted 01/07/2022
by Emily Randle

Another week has gone by and it's been very busy. We have been practising for our school Sports Day and the children are very excited. 

CONGRATULATIONS Polperro on winning the first Bridge School Games!
We are so delighted with the result; all pupils gave it their very best and it paid off!

We have been investigating Position and Direction this week in Maths and are using language such as degrees, clockwise/anticlockwise, quarter, half and full when we turn. Talland have also been learning about Shape and they have applied the language to comparing and measuring angles.

In English, we are at the planning stage of our Cotton Rock narrative. We have combined the figurative language, speech and 'show not tell' which we have learnt and are ready to begin to write up our draft copy next week. 

For our enquiry, we have learnt about Photosynthesis and the importance the Sun plays in this process. We have learnt about how plants are 'producers' and that their leaves are food factories! 

Our art with Sean was along the theme of Kandinsky's alphabet. Here's a selection of Talland's amazing artwork. Thanks Sean!

Sports Day
Monday 4th July @ 10am. Please could your child bring in; full PE kits, sun hats, sun cream and a water bottle so that they are properly sun ready.

Ice Pop Friday
For the last three weeks, we will be selling Ice Pops on Friday at the end of the school day. The cost will be £1 and children can either bring the money into school on Friday or you can purchase the pops during school pick-up.  Please support us in this as all proceeds will go towards the school.

The week's are going by and as always, thank you for your continued support!
Miss Randle, Mr Bishop and Mrs Evered.


Head's Blog   Friday 24th June

Posted 25/06/2022
by Anthea Hillman

This has been such a busy week. It was great to see so many of you at the School’s festival day on Tuesday. We are very proud of the way the children performed and have been delighted with your kind feedback about the children’s wonderful performances. Thank you.

We had even more excitement yesterday with a visit from the Squashbox Theatre Company, kindly funded by the Polperro Arts Foundation. After a performance ‘Tales from the Trees’ which had the children (and staff) in stitches, Landaviddy Class and Penhallow enjoyed puppet-making workshops.

In addition to swimming lessons, the children have enjoyed participating in the first ever Bridge Schools Games all week. They have also had art lessons from Sean Hewitt in preparation for creating a school mural.

Parent Questionnaire The parent questionnaire is open now and will close in a fortnight at 4pm on Friday 8th July and we would love to have your views as we value your input. Please click on this link to complete it: 
Bridge Schools Trust Summer 2022 Parent and Carer Survey

Sports Day This will be held on Monday 4th July, starting at 10:00 am and ending at 12:00. Please ensure your child has their kit in from now on as they will be practicing their races as part of their PE curriculum.

Parent Support Group Please find attached information regarding a Virtual/On-line Support Group which provides friendly support and advice regarding challenging behaviours. If you would like to be able to talk in confidence and meet other parents/carers experiencing similar challenges, you are invited to come along. The group is run by Together for Families, Cornwall Council

Clubs There will be no Running Club on Tuesday 28th June. Clubs will continue for the next 3 weeks. There will be no clubs during the last week of term (week commencing 18th July).

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Hillman


Landaviddy   Friday 24th June 2022

Posted 24/06/2022
by Alice Gibbings

We have had such a busy week in Landaviddy! On Tuesday, we thoroughly enjoyed performing at the Polperro Festival. We were so proud of all the hard work you put into making your performance amazing! Well done Landaviddy!

Yesterday, we had a very special visit from Squashbox Theatre, who performed a wonderful puppet show. All the children were blown away by the performance. We were then very lucky to have a workshop in the afternoon, where we made our own shadow puppets.

This week, we have also launched our brand new Enquiry for this half term 'Could You Be an Explorer?'. We came up with loads of fantastic questions such as 'How many things can be explored at once?', 'Who was the first person to explore the rainforest?' and 'Are birds the only species with feathers?'...We can't wait to explore more!

Congratulations to Noah and Max for achieving their 99 club badge this week. This is a fantastic achievement - 99 arithmetic questions in 10 minutes! Also a big well done to Kora, Nuala and Sienna who are Landaviddy's People of the Week.

We hope you all have a lovely weekend and we look forward to seeing you on Monday.

Miss Gibbings, Mrs Robinson and Mr H


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