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"It can be hard to know how to talk to your child about online safety. From setting up parental controls to advice on sexting, online games and video apps, we can help you to understand the risks and keep your child safe."

Internet Matters E-Safety Leaflets

"See our free e-Safety leaflets and resources available to download and share with other parents or colleagues."

Survey results

After analysing our survey results about online safety, we created this video to help address some questions that were raised. Click on icon to view.

Using the internet can be fun, but you must remember to keep yourself safe.  There are some simple rules which will help:

• Only use your first name.
• Don’t give out personal information such as your address, telephone number or email address.
• Always be respectful of others and be positive when you comment. Think before you post!

If ever you are worried about something you have seen on the internet then you can report your concerns by following the guidance of CEOP:

Being online and using the internet is just like being in the real world – you can chat to people, play games and share pictures. But sometimes things happen which can make you upset. People may say nasty things to you which upset you, or you may see something that you don’t like.

If this happens, you must remember that it’s not your fault.

• ALWAYS TELL A TRUSTED ADULT straight away if you are upset or worried about something that has happened online.

• Remember to SAVE ANY MESSAGES that have upset you so you can show them to who you tell - they will be able to help, and they will be able to give you good advice about what else you can do. Never worry about getting in trouble – you aren’t the one who has done anything wrong.

• If you don’t want to talk to a trusted adult, you may want to chat to someone else about how you feel. THERE4ME IS A SITE WHERE YOU CAN HAVE A PRIVATE ONE-TO-ONE CHAT with someone from the children’s charity NSPCC.

• You can also CALL CHILDLINE FREE ON 0800 1111. You can talk to someone in private and it won’t show up on your phone bill.


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