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Home Learning 13.7.20

Welcome, Landaviddy, to your last full week of Home Learning for this term! I hope you have enjoyed delving into our Cornish history and now have a better understanding of how lucky we are to live in this amazing county.

During Pirate week, Peyton and her family have been on a school trip to the Jamaica Inn to get a better understanding of its 'smuggling' connections. This is who they met - apparently he stashed plenty of treasures in the Inn over the years! Check out A's treasure trove of goodies!

This week, you will be applying your new 'Cornish' knowledge by choosing five reasons why you love living in Cornwall. Select a range of tasks from the Learning Grid to showcase your favourites. I've added in some extra suggestions for you to use to further research and identify areas which we haven't covered (such as your favourite beach or the ground-breaking Eden Project.) 
As always, keep up with the reading, spelling and times table practice!

"This week is a chance for you to showcase everything you have learnt whilst Home Learning. Think about your 'Commotion in the Ocean' enquiry and see if you can bring in elements of that into your work this week. Thank you, as always, for you continued support."

Miss Randle


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Home Learning 6.7.20

"AHOY, ME HEARTIES!", it's Pirate/Smuggler and Wrecker week in Landaviddy. You will be looking into the history of Cornish Smuggling, learning about some notorious 'villians' who lived in our fair county - two of the most infamous being a Lady of nobility and a banker who lived in Polperro itself! Take a look at the picture of Prussia Cove. According to history, the cove has a secret tunnel which leads up to one of the houses above where smugglers used to hide and escape with their 'booty'. Which house do you think it is?

In English you will be learning some pirate 'lingo', reading about life as a pirate, and writing a diary entry as a Captain on board a pirate ship who has just reached a mysterious island on the hunt for 'The Lost Treasure of Cortez." Maths is linked to the enquiry as always: directions, map reading, coordinates and good old game of Battleships! So take a journey back in time and enjoy learning about the darker side of our Cornish Heritage.

I've had some amazing work, as always, and A and his dad have found a You Tube link to The Cornish Blue Mine. Follow this link and take look - it is fascinating! He has been using some very effective language to describe what life inside a mine would look, feel and sound like. Also, there has been a lot of creative 'mining' work being done as well as a 'field' trip to an old, abandoned Cornish Tin Mine.

As always, READ, READ, READ, practise your times tables and keep up with your spellings. Key spellings this week to help you in your 'piracy' writing: where, there, many, old, gold, money, water, eye, famous, history, island, possession. Spelling lists and strategies were on last week's blog.

"Thank you for your continued support and commitment to your learning. These grids are designed to continue to apply the skills you have learnt at school and broaden your knowledge and vocabulary. Keep on going during these final couple of weeks - the summer is nearly upon us!" Miss Randle


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Home Learning 29.6.20

Hello, Landaviddy. Have you enjoyed this week's learning? Hope yoou've been indulging in plenty of yummy food and getting active in the Virtual School Games! By the way, our carrots have finally been harvested - don't they look tasty?!

Your learning never ceases to amaze me, Landaviddy, and this week you have been baking Cornish Fairings, making Stargazy Pie, designing a new pasty filling and Sophie has designed a Storm Dolphin to replace the Storm Cat from the Mousehole Cat tale.

It's Cornish mining week this week and we will be investigating some of the industries our amazing county is famous for. Did you know that in the 1900s, half of the world's tin was produced in Cornwall? We also have Cornish Alps and White pyramids - and you will be finding out about them! It's a creative week and you'll be using Chocolate Chip cookies to see how people 'mine' for tin and clay as well as creating a Cargo Ship to export China Clay from Fowey Docks! I look forward to seeing your creations.

In English, we are moving on from 'said' synonyms to adding correct punctuation in direct speech (so it does all link together!). Maths is all about Shape at the moment and we will be focusing on the properties of 2D shapes, identifying lines of symmetry and using 'monsters' to begin to find angles in a polygon! 

Carry on with the times table practice, read daily if you can and continue to learn your spellings. Focus ones - which you may use in your writing - this week are: kind, old, many, people, water, difficult, group, island, notice, peculiar, sentence, surprise. I'll attach the spelling lists and strategies again for you to access.

"Thank you for your continued support during this Home Learning phase of our lives. I appreciate the hard work you are all putting in and please email me if you have any queries or suggestions to add to our learning grids each week. Take care and as always, STAY SAFE!" Miss Randle

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Home Learning 22:6:20 

Home Learning 22.6.20 or XXII.VI.MMXX

Welcome to another 'Home Learning' week, Landaviddy!
How did you get on learning about the Cornish Giants? I loved learning about Cormoran the Giant and remembering how to identify the types of rocks. A has a rock collection at home and he really enjoyed learning about their properties and identifying if they are Igneous, Sedimentary or Metamorphic rocks. See some of his writing - super descriptive language! Skye has been making a giant, a dream catcher and a 'Cup of Dreams' from the BFG. 

This week we are taking part in the Cornwall Virtual School Games! I thought that we should focus on "What's your favourite Cornish Food?" so that we have plenty of energy and calories to burn off during our activities! We will be learning about the origins of the Cornish Pasty, the legend behind Mousehole's Stargazy Pie, drawing an animal seascape and learning about the science behind what we eat. English, as always, is linked to the enquiry and we will be watching a puppet retelling of the Mousehole Cat, reading about the five food groups, writing a descriptive passage and then use Success Criteria to create our own recipe for the yummy food we will be making! In Maths, we are looking into Roman numerals. Do you know that Romans used only 7 letters for their entire number system? Check out the Learning Grid date - that's what Roman numerals look like when they are written! You'll have lots of fun with these this week. 


Next week is the first Cornwall Virtual School Games! All children in school will be taking part across the week and because it is virtual, you can still take part at home!

There will be an opening ceremony video at 10am on Monday 22nd June on the Cornwall School Games Facebook page or Active Cornwall YouTube Channel (see link on document attached).

Attached (Virtual School Games) is the document showing you the different activites on each day and how to get involved. It will be up to parents/carers to fill in the results form each day. Each day’s challenges will begin at 10am with an email sent to all schools registered. We will put this link on our school Facebook page each day for you. Results must be submitted by 9am the following day on the specific day’s link so please don’t forget to fill it!

Bonus points’ can be achieved for any of the following and should be added to your total points and submitted through the results sheet.

a.         1 point for every family member and year group teacher who tries the challenge

b.         1 point for completing it in fancy dress

c.         1 point for a communication (video/email etc..) sent to the school or speaking to a teacher if in school telling them how you have engaged with one of the 5 Ways to Wellbeing: Connect, Be Active, Take Notice, Keep Learning & Give

For more information, check out the Cornwall School Games Facebook Page, the Active Cornwall Website or watch the following video on Youtube.

 If you have any questions about the Virtual School Games then please email

GOOD LUCK with the games - have a go and have some fun!

"As always, carry on with the reading and times table practice. It will help IMMENSELY when we return to school. Spellings to focus on this week are: put, after, favourite, group, important, minute, remember, weight as these might be useful when you are writing your instructions. Take care, stay safe and have a great week!" Miss Randle

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Home Learning 15.6.20

Dydh da, Landaviddy.
How's your week been?
Some of you have been extremely busy, coastal walking, creepy cave investigating and even dressing up like a Cornish Knocker! I have had lots of work showing me your use of similes to describe one thing's likeness to another: it really helps the reader get into the mind of you as a writer. This week you have designed your own Pobel Vean, learnt to read time intervals, created a piskie setting, written about an imaginary, magical meeting with the little people and learnt about the science behind gravity. PHEW - and that was just in 5 days!

Star of the Week challenge for last week was to draw your own Pobel Vean. I've had some super designs, thank you. I have chosen Flynn's as he has designed a funny looking Pobel Vean called Ron and used some lovely 'similes' to describe his character such as 'as cosy as a hug from my Mum' and 'Ron is short, nimble and moves as quietly as a mouse'. Well done, Flynn! Next week's challenge is to draw your interpretation of the Cornish giant Cormoran. Remember, entries in by Friday afternoon please so that I can get it uploaded onto the blog in time for the weekend.

This week we are carrying on with the theme of mythical creatures. Giants also appear in a range of Cornish myths, the most famous one being the giant Cormoran and the mythical tale behind the creation of St Michael's Mount. Our enquiry will involve researching the myth, creating a Cornish 'stronghold', becoming 'Rock Detectives' and continuing to create our Top Trump set of Pobel Veans and Giants. English will be focused around a story called The Lonely Giant and you will be writing a sequel to the story at the end of the week. The grammar will focus on the overuse of 'said' when writing speech and National Curriculum spellings to focus on this week (which will link to your GIANT writing) are love, kind, everybody, children, accident, arrive, heart, height, strength, strange.

In Maths, we are carrying on with time and looking into the 24-hour clock. Many of us have digital clocks or watches so I thought it a good idea to introduce this element of time. There is an activity on Mathletics this week so if you need your login details then please email me. DON'T FORGET TO SQUEEZE IN YOUR TIMES TABLES PRACTICE AS WELL!


Being active plays a large part of our learning over the next couple of weeks. Health and wellbeing at this difficult time is so important and June is usually when Sport England launch their Cornwall School Games event. It's a nationwide initiative (sectioned into regions) where schools compete and children get a chance to showcase their skills in a range of sports. In light of our current climate, Sport England have organised a 'Virtual' School Games during the week 22nd June - 26th June 2020 and it looks really exciting. It's a chance for all children, in school and learning from home, to take part in activities such as Boccia, Tennis, Volleyball, Dance and Athletics, competing alongside their friends and supporting our school. Information will be sent out to you and a link to the website with more details, activity cards and demo videos explaining each activity is attached. I have planned practice time for each of the activities on your grid and then left Friday afternoon free for you to focus on the ones you are interested in taking part in. You can do all or as many as you like. This is something you and your household can do together. Why not Zoom or Skype another family member and do it at the same time - who can do the most repetitions?

"I know as time goes on, home learning is becoming increasingly more tiring and motivation will be tested. I am only an email away so if you need to offload or ask me for additional support then please get in touch. I would love to hear from you! Take care and have a good week." Miss Randle

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Home Learning 8.6.20

Hello, Landaviddy. I hope you've had a fun week learning about the legend of King Arthur. Many of you took 'school trips' to Dozmary Pool searching for the Lady in the Lake and the infamous sword Excalibur. Ollie and Sophie weren't successful, unfortunately, but they did find a water scorpion and some Canadian geese as well as some botanists studying a rare underwater fern - interesting. So, King Arthur - fact or fiction - what do you think?

Many of you have been practising your key spellings this week. It was vocabulary needed to write time correctly and I've put up a photo of Ollie using letter tiles as his way to practise. Bowyn used a range of spelling strategies from the list I regularly attach. See last week's blog for the latest attachment.

STAR OF THE WEEK this week is Sophie. The challenge was to create your own Coat of Arms to represent your family name. I can see from the picture that Sophie has a dragon to represent her as a 'defender', stars for 'virtue' and hearts to show her 'sincerity and honesty'. Plus, a cute unicorn to add a splash of magic. Well done!

Over the next two weeks we are going to be investigating the myths surrounding our historical county. Did you know that a giant called Cormoran supposedly build St Michael's Mount with his wife or that a group of sea serpents helped local fisherman with their catch so they didn't go hungry? This week, we are focusing on the Cornish 'Pobel Vean' or 'Little People'. We will learn about Joan The Wad, the queen of the piskies, the Sea Buccas and a strange group of 'mining' piskies known as The Knockers. 

English is linked to the Pobel Veans. You will be designing your own little person, creating a character description using 'similes' (you will be learning about as part of your weekly grammar) and writing a short story about your 'encounter' with the character you created. I have attached a range of word mats to support you so please take a look. Maths carries on with time but looking into time duration and intervals. This lockdown is a perfect opportunity to teach time as there is scope for 1:1 sessions with you and your child. Telling the time is an important skill and one area of Maths which is just as purposeful to your child now as it is when they become adults. Let me know if I can support you in this further.

60 Second PE Challenge
This is a new initiative, Landaviddy. Each Monday I will set a challenge. This week is called Fast Feet and you are challenged to dribble a ball around a marker as many times as you can in 60 seconds. Set this up on Monday and keep a record of your tries. Can you achieve 'GOLD' by the end of the week?

As always, continue to READ, READ, READ and practise your times tables. Have you mastered you target table yet? Let me know.

The National Curriculum spelling lists are attached to last week's blog. Helpful words to practise this week (which link to the learning) are kind, water, people, gold, believe, (dis)appear, naughty, peculiar, strength, surprise.

"I hope you are enjoying the new enquiry into Cornwall. It's interesting to research and understand the history surrounding the place we live in. Take care and enjoy your week!" Miss Randle

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Home Learning 2.6.20 


Welcome, Landaviddy! I hope that you are well rested and have enjoyed spending time with your family over this gloriously warm May half term.

This half term, we are delving into the mysteries that surround our amazing county with our new enquiry, "What's All The Fuss About Cornwall?" Cornwall is steeped in history and we will be looking into the Cornish fishing industry, food which our county is famous for, tin mining, mythical giants and piskies as well as notorious pirates and infamous smugglers such as John Carter and Zephaniah Job! I can''t wait to go on this learning journey with you - Cornwall really is The Land of Legends. For example, take a look at the statue in the picture - who do you think he is? Why is he positioned near the cliffs? Why is he wearing a crown? Why do you think it was made so that you can see through it? Let me know what you think.

Talking about legends, this week we are looking into the most famous Cornish legend of all... King Arthur! Although historians have many different takes on this legend, many believe that if it did truly happen, most of Arthur's life took place in our county. So this week you will be learning about a young boy who became king, creating your own shield and Coats of Arms and writing an application to become a knight yourself.                   
The Legend of King Arthur, fact or fiction - you tell me!

As always, aside from the learning grid, continue with your daily reading, spelling and times tables practice. Get Epic is still free and accessible until the end of June so please make the most of the app. There are some great books on there! Spelling lists and strategies are attached and if you need your Mathletics or Times Table Rockstars logins then email me. 

So enjoy your first week of our Cornish enquiry! Ooh - a quick mention - an additional site you might want to visit is the Jackanory Junior Crazy Camelot Capers which is a rhyming style retelling of the famous legend. You could check this out as part of your reading and comprehension this week and think about the similarities and differences between the different versions.

"I am looking forward to seeing your amazing Star of the Week entries. Enjoy designing your coat of arms, making them personal to you and your family and send them in to me by Friday evening. Take care, Landaviddy. Myself, Mr B and Mrs Evered miss you guys and are looking forward to when we can all be a class once again!"

Miss Randle

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It's Half Term!

'What's All That Commotion in our Oceans?' enquiry has been a huge success and I have attached a few pieces of work to showcase what we have learnt over the past weeks. We can now name and locate the five oceans, identify the ocean zones and some of the marine life who inhabit them as well as create basic ocean food chains. But above all, we now understand the importance of Nelson the Seal to the residents of Looe.The success is solely down to you, taking the time to work through the grids each week, and I hope that you have enjoyed the learning as much as I have done planning it for you. Landaviddy, you are an amazing class and I am proud to be your teacher! 

Star of the Week challenge was to create a clock face using resources around your home and your imagination - look at this one using Lego! I can tell how much time and effort went into this creation.  I've also had a chalk pavement clock and a cupcake clock to name but a few! 

"Although it's been an 'unusual' half term, we have all made it through and are ready for a well needed week off. So kick back, relax and hope that the Great British weather is kind to us as everything seems so much better when the sky is blue and the sun is shining!"  Miss Randle
Any questions, queries or concerns then email me on



Home Learning 18.5.20

Hello Landaviddy, I hope you have all enjoyed this week's learning! Again, take a look at a few of the amazing pieces you have sent in - you have been creating ocean zones, making Midnight Zone sea creatures, counting money and playing shop keeping! Harley has made his ocean zones in a jar, complete with sea spray!  Have a look at the money photo - somebody has  cut up and used squared paper to represent the Dienes we use in class - a very clever Mathematician!

Landaviddy's Star of the Week is Ollie. He sent in some questions which really got me thinking. Take a look at them and have a go yourself!                 See below for next week's challenge.

So, this is the last week of this half term, therefore, the last week of our ocean enquiry! Over the last few weeks, have learnt to identify and locate Earth's oceans, identify and investigate their zones, learnt what a tsunami is and delved into the depths of the Mariana Trench! For this final week, we are investigating what sea creatures eat and learning about the importance of Phytoplankton not just to marine life but to ours too! Make sure you get your grown ups to do Session 1's enquiry with you - it is quite amazing what you will find out! In Maths, we are finishing off Money (focusing on giving change) and introducing Time. We are just covering time to half past this week so take it steady and make sure you understand exactly where the hands of the clock are positioned. The Star of the Week task is to make a clock face using your imagine and a range of resources; I look forward to seeing your entries. Please make sure you send them in by FRIDAY evening. Grammar this week is the use of articles 'a' and 'an'. We all use them in our writing but this week have a look at the rule for using them correctly. We are also watching clips from Treasure Island. We are building up to writing an adventure story which will link in with our next enquiry after half term... sorry, no sneaky peaks or clues - you'll have to wait!

I check into Get Epic most days and most of you now are accessing the books. There is a wide range of genre to choose from on the site as well as fun videos and comics. If you need a link to activate then send me an email.  Remember to read as much as you can and practise your spellings and times tables.

"The weather is looking warm and sunny  so remember to take plenty of time out and get some fresh air! Take this opportunity to enjoy being with each other and find that play/learning balance. Make a den, chalk a patio paving picture, junk model using recycling materials, practise your times tables whilst skipping/jumping on your trampoline or make a bug hotel in your back garden. Children learn the most when it's fun and love learning outdoors, so put on your shoes, grab your coat and go out and learn..."       Miss Randle

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Home Learning 11.5.20

Another week has passed and I hope you are all well and staying safe. Did you do any of the VE day activities? I made bunting with my daughter and we had an afternoon tea to celebrate - lots of treats of course!

Seal week was a hit, judging by the amazing work you sent me. Just take a look at a few... we have raised salt paintings, oil pastel pictures, sketching, craft and junk modelling as well as a visit to Nelson as part of your daily exercise! All of your work has been put onto 'Landaviddy's Home Learning' power point, a slideshow of work which we will share, at some point, when we return to school.

Star of the Week this week was so difficult as I had posters, information texts, and fact sheets (all amazing) showing what you have learnt. In the end, I have chosen a diary entry which details how this pupil went on his 'virtual' school trip. This Star has used the '2A sentences' he has learnt over the last two weeks to write some incredibly descriptive sentences using some effective language. It is definitely worth a read so I've attached it to this week's blog. Well done! 

This week's task is linked to our maths. We are looking at money; denominations of coins, finding different combinations and creating a shopping role play scenario. Can you please send me in your entries by Friday each week as this gives me time to upload the winner in time for the updated blog which goes live every Sunday.

The focus question for this week's grid is "What's life like in the deepest ocean?" and we will be exploring the Midnight Zone, creating ocean zones in a jar, learning about the Mariana Trench and Challenger Deep as well as making our own submersible vehicle and designing undiscovered sea creatures!! Have fun with it and remember, just do what you can!

The three overarching aims for home learning still remains as keeping up with reading, spelling and times table practise so please continue with this. I've made  Session 5 a 'catch up' day and put some links on  to some fun interactive times table games which are all free and easily accessible. Spelling lists and strategies were attached to last week's blog. As of Friday, as a class you have read 65 books on Get Epic   - amazing - so if you are yet to use the link I've sent you, please do as the website has a range of books and audio books for you to choose from. If it asks you for a classroom code then it's xrp8422. 

"I am thoroughly enjoying going on this alternative learning journey with you. I know there are challenges along the way, many for me too, but you are all doing an amazing job! We always tell the children that learning is a long, windy road, full of bumps and obstacles, but these are merely challenges to overcome. Remember, a learning curve is essential to growth!"                                    Miss Randle                                                                                                                                         

Any questions or concerns, email me on

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