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Home Learning Update for Landaviddy! 

Well, we are  at the end of our first week and I hope you have been able to access the websites I have suggested.

Mrs Hillman and I have been taking turns to feed the fish (as you can see) and our seeds are germinating well! We will have to have a 'virtual' Grower of the Week for now so I will select the grower whose plants are coming on the healthiest each week. Owen - this week it is you. Your peas are coming on a treat! 

As you may be aware, some of the other classes have uploaded a home learning grid based upon the their current class enquiry question. As we were part of the Fishkeeper Fry 2020 programme, our enquiry on the Stone Age came to a natural end following the completion of our Diary Entry of a Stone Age Boy. 

However, I am excited to announce there will be a new whole school enquiry which we will begin following the Easter break. 

Our whole school enquiry for the Summer Term is:

You will be 'diving' into what an ocean is, identifying its features, learning how the water cycle works and creating your own sea creature/underwater submersible vehicle as well as conducting a range of cool scientific experiments!

If you can't wait until it begins - have a read of Treasure Island or create an underwater scene using a range of materials. (Email me any pictures)

Take care, have a lovely Easter and stay safe.

Miss Randle



Learn at home with Landaviddy Class 

The information on this blog is for you to use to trial home learning with your child. As we are all getting used to this way of learning, please take this first week to try as many of these activities provided to find a way of learning at home that suits your circumstances. After Easter we are looking forward to providing further support by posting learning videos which relate to the resources we have provided for you. We will be asking children to send in certain pieces of work so we can provide them feedback and help them to move their learning on in the way that they are used to.

Dear All,
To help you support your child to learn at home, here are some useful websites which link with our learning in Landaviddy Class. I hope you can find time to learn alongside your child and opportunity to talk to them about their learning. I will continue to update the blog with new learning weekly (not in the Easter Holidays) and we all look forward to hearing about the children's learning when we see them again.

Take care

Ms Randle, Mr Bishop and Mrs Evered

Please contact Ms Randle with any learning queries


We have recently been learning how to keep a tropical aquarium. We will be creating an information text on a 'Beginner's Guide to Tropical Fishkeeping' and the children will be combining their knowledge  to create a class leaflet. Your child could research some 'fun facts' that they would like to include in their writing or draw some pictures/labelled diagrams which they could use.

Please spend 20 minutes per day. 
If your child is in Year 3 or 4, please practise spelling the words on the Year 1/2 and 3/4 statutory word list. (See below)
Ask your child to choose 4-6 words at a time to focus on and use the different strategies in the document below (Spelling Challenge Posters) to practise these.

For our Readers:
READ, READ, READ - Please keep reading everyday and talk about the reading. 
There is an online website where you can access and read free e-books. All you need to do is to log-in as a parent (access is free for 30 days) .

And for a bit of everything...
Pobble 365 is a website which provides a daily picture for children to work from. You might want to follow on writing from the story starter, draw an imaginary image to fit the picture, answer some guided reading-style questions or work on your sentence composition. It's free website with no log-in required.

Our focus is times tables. Your child knows what their 'Target Table' is. Times Table Rockstars is a fun website which encourages rapid times table recall through a variety of games.
If you do not have a login, please email the school.

In addition, to consolidate this year's skills of place value, addition/subtraction and multiplication, use the units of work in Mathletics (see weblink below). I have assigned tasks which link to what your child has learnt to date.

For an active approach to times table learning, go on to the Supermovers website. (See link below)

Keeping Active: We all know the importance of keeping children active. It will help them to stay physically and mentally healthy, as well as focused and ready to learn. "The imovement" platform contains resources that will support you and your children at home. You can access these resources for FREE at  New resources will be added on a daily basis, and will include Quick Blasts, Active Blasts and Additional Activities to support Maths and Literacy.

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Our Classmates have arrived! 

Landaviddy's new classmates have finally arrived and settling in well thanks to the care and attention our class have given to setting the aquarium up correctly. So far we have learnt how to set up a tank, add and feed plants, can explain what the Nitrogen Cycle is and how important it is to not have Ammonia or Nitrite in the tank and how to test the water to make sure that it remains a safe environment for our 'friends'. They have also learnt some facts about some of the species of fish we are keeping, and have named them according to what part of the world they can be found. 

So let's give a warm Landaviddy welcome to Chung, Chung Ho, Geming, Icharo, Goo, De'shi and Mariko the Danios from Asia and Pedro, Jose, Rafael and Fernando our Platies from Mexico. Don't worry - I'm sure a Bob or a Dave will appear as we have many other species to add over the next few weeks!

Look out for an update on next week's challenge - we will be learning how to do a water change!!


Landaviddy Learn Outdoors 

Forces at Work

Landaviddy Class has been working on answering their enquiry question 'Is the Force With You?'

Yesterday they braved the weather and enjoyed a morning on Talland Beach looking for evidence of natural forces. They discovered that erosion had been hard at work on the cliffs.

The class has been learning about how forces change the shape of objects and as part of their outdoor learning they have made some wonderful hedgehogs from clay and natural materials.



Marvellous Times 

George's Marvellous Medicine

Landaviddy children have settled well into their new class and on Roald Dahl Day they enjoyed making their own version of George's Marvellous Medicine and writing instructions to match.

Landaviddy's first enquiry question of the year is 'Is the Force with you?' and they have been busy exploring forces in science in order to answer this question.  This has meant many opportunities for outdoor learning.


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