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Easter Break 

Easter Break

Our whole school enquiry for the Summer Term is: WHAT'S ALL THAT COMMOTION IN OUR OCEANS? You will be 'diving' into what an ocean is, identifying its features, learning how the water cycle works and creating your own sea creature/underwater submersible vehicle as well as conducting a range of cool scientific experiments!

If you can't wait until it begins - have a read of

Treasure Island     or

12 Epic Ocean Adventures    or

Create an underwater scene using a range of materials. (Email me any pictures please).

Don't worry - the Ancient Greeks will join us for part of this new enquiry.

The National Trust has launched Blossom Watch
After moths of cold and rain, spring is now with us. The beautiful blooms from flowers and trees are a welcome sight. Take time on your daily exercise, from the window or in the garden to spot the signs of spring and help lift spirits.

Wishing you a Happy Easter Break.
Stay safe,
Mrs Wills


Learn at home with Talland Class 

The information on this blog is for you to use to trial home learning with your child. As we are all getting used to this way of learning, please take this first week to try as many of these activities provided to find a way of learning at home that suits your circumstances. After Easter we are looking forward to providing further support by posting learning videos which relate to the resources we have provided for you. We will be asking children to send in certain pieces of work so we can provide them feedback and help them to move their learning on in the way that they are used to.

Dear All,
To help you support your child to learn at home, here are some useful websites which link with our learning in Talland. I hope you can find time to learn alongside your child and opportunity to talk to them about their learning, they love a good chat! I will continue to update the blog with new learning weekly (not in the Easter Holidays) and we all look forward to hearing about the children's learning when we see them again. We will miss their company, inspiring views of the world and their sparkle.
Take care.
Mrs Roberts, Mr Twaite and Mrs Wills

Please contact Mrs Wills with any learning queries


We are currently working on fractions in Maths. Please use Mathletics (weblink below) to practice skills already learnt. 
The children can also use Mathletics to consolidate our previous learning through a variety of activities, learning and games. 

If you do not have a log-in, please email Mrs Wills 

Our general focus is times tables as these underpin all other learning in Maths.
Your child knows what their target times table is and they can continue to work towards this using the Times Table Rockstar website.
If you do not have a log-in, please email Mrs Wills .

For an active approach to times table learning use BBC Super Movers


We are currently writing a Greek myth based on Theseus and the Minotaur. The children have the learning needed to write their own version of a myth. Please encourage them to use the original story and innovate this by choosing their own characters, changing the setting and the problem.

For further reading and ideas mythweb is a great source of inspiration suitable for KS2 children. 
Click on the Teachers tab, then click Herioc Myths. From here, clicking on the image of Theseus will allow you to explore more about the hero of the myth. 
To practice grammar and use their general writing skills,  Pobble 365 is a free website with no log-in required, which provides a daily image and a range of activities to be completed. 

READ READ READ - Please keep reading every day and talk about the reading. 
This is an online website where you can access reading books. You need to sign-up and this is currently free for 30 days. There is a great selection of Greek myths for the children to enjoy.

Please spend 20 minutes per day. 

If your child is in Year 4, please practise spelling the words on the Year 1/2 and Year 3/4 statutory word list. (See below)
If your child is in Year 5, please practise spelling the words on the Year 1/2, Year 3/4 and the 5/6 statutory word list. (See below)

Ask your child to choose 4-6 words at a time to focus on and use the different strategies in the document below (Spelling Challenge Posters) to practise these.

Support sheet for generic online learning for English (Helping your child with English) is below.

Keeping Active: we all know the importance of keeping children active. It will help them to stay physically and mentally healthy, as well as focused and ready to learn. "The imovement" platform contains resources that will support you and your children at home. You can access these resources for FREE at . New resources will be added on a daily basis, and will include Quick Blasts, Active Blasts and Additional Activities to support Maths and Literacy.

Join Joe Wicks every morning at 9am for a PE lesson. More info here: 


Below is a Home Learning Grid with suggested activities for further enquiry learning, please use the Grid named Home Learning Grid 2.

 Image Gallery



Dog biscuits 

We spent the morning making dog biscuits. We have researched ingredients suitable for all dogs to eat and used these to make our own biscuits. They were very tasty - apparently! 


Sean Hewitt Art 

Art with Sean Hewitt
We have had a fantastic first day with Sean. Today we learnt how to sketch using a grid and by the end of the day, we had a sketch ready to be painted.


Dog's Trust Visit 

Dog's Trust Visit

To launch our new enquiry, “What’s the Point of Dogs?” we had a visit from the charity Dog’s Trust. The visit was based around the Dog Trust’s slogan “A dog is for life, not just for Christmas®“ During the visit we learnt about the work the Trust does caring for and re-homing abandoned dogs. We learnt how to keep safe around dogs and how to look after a dog as a responsible pet owner.
We played a game guessing the items a dog needs to be healthy and happy and the children were absolutely brilliant at this - I was particularly impressed with the suggestions of love, respect and empathy. 


Talland - Chaipel Christmas Play 

Talland - Chaipel Christmas Play

After weeks of hard work and lots of laughs, we are now almost ready to show off our talents!

Don't forget we have two performances Wednesday 11th. The afternoon performance is at 2pm and the evening performance starts at 6pm.

Please help us by bringing the children back by 5.45 for the evening.

Look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.


Maths Winter Wonderland 

Perimeter and Area Winter Wonderland

We used our learning from maths about perimeter and area to create a winter wonderland. We had to make a house with windows, doors and a roof with specific area and perimeter measurements. After that, we had free choice to make our own creation - check out Santa in his sleigh!


Lantern Making 

Lantern making day

Today, we spent the day making willow lanterns for the Polperro Christmas light Procession. We had a fabulously creative day and are very proud of our lanterns. We hope as many of the children as possible can make it on the night (Saturday 4th December 4.15pm) to help light up the village. 



Times Tables Rock Stars

We have subscribed to Times Tables Rock Stars and I have sent a letter home with the children today which has their log-in details and information for adults. The children will have the opportunity to use the application at school and I would be very grateful if they could supplement this with some practice at home. It would be particularly useful for the Year 4 children to help prepare them for the times table test in June 2020.


What's the Tradition? 

Launch Day for "What's the Tradition?"

Today we launched our new enquiry "What's the Tradition?" We have started off by learning about the Gunpowder Plot, Guy Fawkes and James 1st. This morning, we explored the story in detail and learned why we have Bonfire Night. This afternoon, we found out which firework we are based on our personality and created these using PVA glue and salt. We will carry on looking at weird and wonderful traditions throughout this half term, culminating with Christmas.


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