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Half Term Here We Come!

We've made it - the end of the first half term. It's been a fun-packed but busy few weeks. The Year 4s have settled in extremely well and we are already a 'family'. 

We have been continuing our investigation into the rainforests. The children sketched a rainforest scene, then used that as inspiration to create a 3D model 'in a box'. They made a fabulous job and they thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you to Mrs Butlin who delivered an engaging music lesson using African drums; the children loved it. 

We had a lovely day on Friday. The children looked amazing in their Halloween/Autumnial costumes - take a look; what a fab group of Tallanders!

Congratulations to Ollie for being Reader of the Week and to Jowan for being this half term's Visible Learner. Using resources to support your independence isn't easy but Jowan is really beginning to use these strategies - well done!  

All that is left for me to say is HAVE A FABULOUS HALF TERM! Remember, we have an Inset Day on the Monday so see you back in class on Tuesday 2nd November!

Miss Randle, Mr Bishop and Mrs Evered.


End of Term Fun 

Just a brief message about Friday. We are having a fun last day of term. It is a Halloween/Autumn mufti day and I look forward to seeing everyone dressed up!

In the morning we are getting crafty and have a range of art activities for the children to do. In the afternoon, I have a 'spooky' Scooby Doo film ready and I have told the children that they can bring in some snacks for themselves to eat. 

Thank you, as always, for your support!

Miss Randle


Talland's Blog 

It's been another busy week in Talland Class. We have completed our dilemma stories and Miss Randle has been super impressed with the language that has been used. There has been a range of similes, metaphors, personification, onomatopoeia, speech and a whole lot more. I've attached a photo of Rosie G's, her and her learning partner were assessing her work and generating her writing target. In Maths, we have been looking at addition and subtraction using the column method to exchange. We managed to play a tournament in Dodgeball and Charmain and Mason went head to head at one point - it was very exciting. We have also enjoyed creating a 'score' in music (Macey was very enthusiastic) and have painted the backgrounds for our 'Rainforest in a Box'. 

Next week, our last week this half term, we will be completing our 3D artwork, continuing with subtraction in Maths, learning about the Amazonian tribes for our Enquiry and looking into features of writing a recount, ready for our (postponed) trip to Eden on 12th November. Mrs Hillman has sent out brief information about next Friday. It will be Autumn/Halloween mufti with an afternoon party. I will send a letter out early next week with more info.

Congratulations to Charmain for being Mathematician of the Week and Lily W for Person of the Week. Your kindness, positive learning attitudes and commitment to your learning is something to be proud of.

Have a lovely weekend, Talland, and see you on Monday!

Miss R, Mr B and Mrs Evered.


Blog 8.10.21 

It's been another busy week in Talland. We have been writing up our version of The Great Kapok Tree, changing characters, setting and plot. I am amazed at some of the incredible language that the children have used including similes, metaphors, parenthesis and onomatopoeia. In Maths we have begun addition and subtraction and are learning to use a range of methods to solve these types of problems.

Mrs Butlin took us for another fun-packed music lesson where the children were learning rhythm. Thank you Mrs B, we look forward to your lessons each week. We have also learnt about climate in the rainforests (as part of our enquiry) and developing our skills at Dodgeball in PE.

Well done to Rosie Grace for being awarded Person of the Week for your kind nature, friendly attitude towards your classmates and your excellent learning behaviour. Nobody achieved their 99 club this week, but your were all extremely close. Remember to keep on practising your times tables!

Next week, we will be editing, improving and writing up our stories in best, continuing with addition and subtraction and delving into the tribes who inhabit the rainforests of the world.

PARENTS: Could you please give your child a box to bring in (if not already done so) as we are going to create a 3D model of a rainforest as part of Art and DT over next couple of weeks.

Thanks for your continued support. Take care and have a lovely weekend!
Miss Randle, Mrs Evered and Mr Bishop.


Talland's Blog 

What an amazing week we have had in Talland Class! We have managed to squeeze in two days of swimming which the children have thoroughly enjoyed. We have completed our poems describing our favourite things and are becoming confident in rounding to the nearest 10 and 100 in Maths. We have been investigating the layers of a tropical rainforest and the animals/creatures which inhabit each section. Take a look at part of the tree - can you spot and name the layers in the picture?

Next week we will continue with our enquiry into the rainforests, focusing on the tribes which live there and comparing them to our modern life. In Maths we will continue to 'round' going into 1,000s, 10,000s and (Y5) 100,000s! In English we will be looking into The Great Kapok Tree story - a tlovely tale based around  deforestation and the effects it would have on the animals. The children will then write their own version, creating new species for the rainforest to add to their story.

Thank you for making sure that your child has their swim kit and PE kit in. Our days are Tuesday and Thursday but we can go swimming anytime.

I have attached a homework grid based upon our enquiry. Please feel free to have go if you are stuck indoors (the Great British weather) with time on your hands.

Thanks for you support and have a great weekend!
Miss Randle

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Welcome, Talland Class of 2021!

We have survived our first week back and have really gelled as a class. During the week we have been playing lots of team building games so that we can get to know our new classmates. We have begun to revisit our Place Value knowledge in Maths, identify word classes through poetry in English, started to learn the tactics needed to play Dodgeball in PE and launched our new enquiry which is titled, The Fall of Earth's Rainforests: Who Cares?

Next week, we will continue to learn about the place value of our numbers in Maths, rewrite the Rodgers and Hammerstein song 'My Favourite Things' (applying our word class knowledge) and begin our investigation into all things Amazonian in our tropical rainforest enquiry. I have provisionally arranged our first school trip to the Eden Project next month; more news to follow by way of a letter next week! Exciting times ahead, Talland Class!!

POLITE NOTE: Talland's PE days are Tuesday and Thursday and kits need to be in school every week. We will also continue to use the pool for as long as we can so please could swimming kits be in daily as we will go as and when the weather permits. If you have still got your child's shoe boxes, then could they please bring them in as we will be creating a 3D rainforest in the coming weeks.

On a final note, I would like to welcome all you new parents to our class and I look forward to getting to know you over the coming weeks, and for the ones who know me well - here's to another fab year in Talland!

Have a great weekend,

Miss Randle


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Happy half term everyone. Please remember that there is a staff training day on Monday 1st November. The school reopens to pupils on Tuesday 2nd November.

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