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Terrific Tallanders!

Another exciting week has gone by, full of fantastic learning! We've cracked addition and subtraction in Maths and learnt about Earth's extreme weather conditions for our Enquiry. In English, we have changed the characters in Treasure Island, ready to begin planning our own versions. We have some right 'scurvy' characters: Captain Crabsticks, Blood Hound, Bob Silver and Caitlin Long Plaits are amongst the villains; Muscle Man, Camacarse and Ethan are some of the Heroes, with Sammy, Evie and Lightening as their sidekicks! We will research settings and begin to plan our adventure stories next week...

Thought I'd attach some rare pictures of Pickles the Plec and and our two sucker fish, Dash and Crash. They were all out this afternoon!
This week we are wrapping up the first part of our Enquiry, "What's Out There?" before we blast off into Space! In PE we are continuing with map reading and orienteering, and in Maths we are looking at different ways to estimate and check our answers before moving on to Multiplication and Division. Many achieved (or nearly achieved) their 99 Club on Friday which proves how important regular practice is. Thanks for supporting us to keep this up at home.

Enjoy your weekend and we look forward to another exciting week in Talland class!

Miss Randle, Mr Bishop, Mrs Evered and Mrs Thomas.


This Week's Learning! 

Before we went home this week, we looked back on all that we did over the last few days.
This week we have:

  • remembered the War Heroes on Remembrance Day, 
  • enjoyed our first music session with Mrs Butlin, 
  • had an enquiry-based lesson on Teams with Miss Gibbings, 
  • learnt how to add numbers with exchanging, 
  • immersed ourselves in the classic tale of Treasure Island, 
  • learnt how to punctuate and write direct speech
AND managed to raise money for Children In Need. Phew, what a busy week! 

So what about next week..?

We have a new friend starting on Monday; his name is Jowan and he is in Year 4. Evan, Mason, Owen and Ollie are delighted to have another Yr 4 boy! Aside from this great news, we will be learning how to subtract numbers with exchanging, identify and apply synonyms for said to our direct speech, create a story map for us to follow for Treasure Island, learn about extreme weather and natural disasters as part of our enquiry and continue to practise and apply -es -s rules for writing plurals and present tense verbs. We are orienteering in PE and will be building up, over the next few weeks, to being able to read and follow our own 'Pirate Treasure Map' of the grounds, in search of a flag to raise up the flagpole in the front of the school - very exciting! 

As always, thank you for your continued support and Mr Bishop, Mrs Evered, Mrs Thomas and I are looking forward to another fun-packed week ahead!




All things Autumnal!

What another lovely week we have had in Talland class this week. We have completed our Pen Pal letters and are eagerly awaiting a list of their names so that we can send them over 1,300 miles away to be read and responded to!

We had a successful Autumn Art afternoon on Thursday - all that was missing were the parents. The children still managed to have plenty of fun and created a range of Autumn themed crafts such as lanterns, natural collages and 'woodland pals'. In PE, we have been playing Table Tennis in class and Yoga in the Hall. 

Next week we will be launching our new English unit. We will be focusing on Robert Louis Stephenson's classic tale, Treasure Island, identifying the features of an adventure story through reading, sequencing, role play and physical activities. This will progress into the children writing their own adventure story; changing characters, setting, plot and quest. They will be learning to write direct speech, use paragraphs correctly and use similes, metaphors and personification to add effect. In Maths we will be moving on to Addition and Subtraction and our enquiry into 'What's Out There?' will involve looking into some of the physical and geographical features of Earth. We will have a Science afternoon where we will be making 'tornados in a bottle' , 'rainbows in a glass' and instant ice. WOW, I can't wait!

As always, thank you for your support with reading at home and practising spellings and times tables. It really does make a difference! 

Miss Randle, Mr Bishop, Mrs Evered and Mrs Thomas



It's been a fun-packed half term, Talland! I am so glad that we are back together again and enjoying school life once more!

I am amazed at what we have accomplished this half term. We have written an amazing letter to our most special person, created a poem to describe our favourite 'safe' or 'exciting' place, written an Explanation text about the Water Cycle, conducted a Water Cycle experiment, learnt about the countries amd capital cities in Europe AND written a Pen Pal letter to a child in an international school in Portugal - and I haven't even talked about what's been going on in Maths!

In PE we have been learning how to play Tag Rugby, been chilled out with Mr B during Chair Yoga and keeping active with our 30 minute daily active menu (including Super Movers Times Tables).

Now's the time to have a well earned rest, enjoy the amazing Autuminal Half term break and recharge your batteries so that you are ready for what Miss Randle has planned for you next...

Keep up with your reading, spelling and times table practise, Talland, and we will see you soon!

Miss Randle, Mr Bishop, Mrs Evered amd Mrs Thomas 


New Classmates! 

It's been a very busy week in Talland class. First, I'd like to welcome our new 'fishy' classmates... Dash and Crash. As you will probably guess by their names, they are a little crazy and can usually be found whizzing around the tank! The children adore them and are keeping a close eye to make sure that they settle in well.

Our learning this week has been centred around writing our Water Cycle explanation texts, identifying countries and their capitals in the UK and comparing and ordering numbers in Maths. Everyone has worked extremely hard and I hope you all get to enjoy the weekend - you deserve it!

In our final week at school this half term, we will be comparing the UK with Portugal for our enquiry. We hope to link to a school over their (connections due to Mrs Evered) and write Pen Pal letters to a class with children of a similar age. It will be a great way for our children to see how our school life compares to others from a different country. Watch this space for updates...

Talland are really getting into practising their times tables and are doing daily activities to improve recall and fluency. Please encourage this at home where you can (jumping on the trampoline, listening to songs online etc) as it's an important area which we are all working hard to develop. Spellings are also a key focus (as always) and your child should have brought home their weekly spellings to practise as well as their class book to read to you.

Thanks for all your efforts, we appreciate all that you do!

Miss Randle, Mr Bishop, Mrs Evered and Mrs Thomas (student teacher) 




What an incredible week we have had! Following our Polperro Plastic-Free Eco Warriors letter to LEGO stating how happy we are that the company is going plastic packaging free, the CEO for LEGO in London emailed a reply to us. She was over the moon that we took the time to write to her and said that the company takes the views of the children extremely seriously. To our surprise, they sent each child in Talland class resources to create their own LEGO bracelet. As you can see, the children were thrilled and very proud of their creations!

Aside from the LEGO fun, we have been busy learning about the Water Cycle, conducting experiments and organising the process into evaporation, condensation and precipitation. We are hoping for some warm weather to speed up our experiments; fingers crossed.

This week, we will be writing explanation texts on The Water Cycle, continuing with place value in Maths and learning about the countries and their capital cities in Europe. We are hoping to link to a school in Portugal so that we can send Pen Pal letters to them. Watch this space...

As always, we are encouraging the children to practise their weekly spellings and focus times tables as this will support their fluency in recalling known facts and build up stamina in writing. We are doing daily 'speedy' times table challenges as well as Super Movers and 20 minute iPad 'timed' interactive activities. These can also be accessed at home - just ask your child for the details.

Thank you for your continued support and we are looking forward to another fun-packed week of learning in Talland class!

Miss Randle, Mr Bishop, Mrs Evered and Mrs Thomas.



Terrific Tallanders!

Welcome to another fun-packed week in Talland class. Last week we were busy practising times tables and rounding numbers in Maths and brushing up on our spelling, punctuation and grammar strategies in English. Thursday was National Poetry Day and Talland class created their own poem in the style of Christina Rossetti's 'What is Pink?' We then combined our favourite parts to create a class poem - what do you think?

This week we are launching our new enquiry, 'What's Out There?' We will be learning about the countries, continents, oceans and seas which make up our amazing Planet Earth. We will be studying cloud formations, the Water Cycle and anything else which the children want to learn about and which sparks their interest. This is the first part of our learning journey around the world which will then take us into Space to explore our Solar System after half term! Exciting times ahead...

Please find below the Calculation Policy and calculation strategies we use in Talland class. This will help you to understand how we teach Maths in Year 4/5 and help you to support your child.  

During lockdown, I created a Power Point to showcase all of the amazing work you sent me whilst learning about our two enquiries, 'What's All The Commotion In The Oceans?' and What's All The Fuss About Cornwall?' I showed the presentation to the children this week and they loved seeing all of their combined work so I have attached it for you enjoy!

Thanks, as always, for all your support!

Miss Randle, Mr Bishop and Mrs Evered.


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Meet the Teacher 

Unfortunately we can't ask you to come in at the moment for our usual 'Meet the Teacher' session. Instead, please watch this video which provides information about our class and how you can support your child at home. I have attached the class timetable and the spellings lists (Year 5s please refer to 3/4 list for now) which I refer to in the video. 

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Terrific Tallanders!  

We've had another fun-packed and busy week in Talland. Writing letters, revising place value understanding, writing song lyrics and painting their own interpretations of 'Our Wonderful World' are just a few of the things they have been doing.  The children even got to go swimming and complete the active mile most days. AMAZING!

So this week we will complete our unit on 'Here We Are', looking at the people and animals which we live amongst on Earth. We will think about how we treat and respect each other as well as provide advice and suggestions (in the form of a leaflet) on how others can still have fun and enjoy what Planet Earth has to offer during these strange times. Place Value is still our focus for Maths as well as daily times table practice. Hopefully the weather will be kind to us and we will be able to go swimming on Tuesday - please ensure that your child has a swimming hat or they will not be able to swim. 

We encourage children to be responsible for changing their own reading book so if they have not yet done so, we will remind them of the routine and they will have a new read this week. We still encourage daily reading to improve fluency, stamina  and ask the children to complete a reading task, in school, on completion of the book to show their comprehension of the text.

Please ensure PE kits are in every day. Once they are bought in they needn't go home until the end of half term unless they really need a wash. Unfortunately, children can no longer bring in Show and Tell during this time as we are limiting personal belongings going back and forth from school to home. Thank you, in advance, for your support in this!

We have a student teacher starting in Talland Class on Monday. Her Name is Mrs Thomas and she will be with us for most of the year as she completes her teacher training. I'm sure she will fit right in and will be a valuable member of the class this year.

Please rest assured that the children have already settled back into school life and Talland truely is a happy class to be a part of!

Miss Randle, Mr Bishop and Mrs Evered.



What a lovely week we have had together, Talland Class. It's been lovely to see you all again and we have all quickly settled back into school life. Parents, thank you for your patience as we are all getting used to the new routines for drop off and pick up - it is much appreciated.

This past week Talland have enjoyed learning about the world we live in and have written some amazing poems, learnt more about our friends in class, talked about people who are special to us and created some fantastic classroom displays - really making Talland Class our own! I think your 'Getting To Know You Again' activity looks incredible on display - what do you think? We have also had our first 'online' assembly with Mrs Hillman and the rest of the classes and it was lovely to see everyone smiling and enjoying being back at school.

This week we are continuing with the HERE WE ARE theme and will be virtually 'travelling' out of our local environment to look into the world we live in. We will be expressing our thoughts and feelings through writing our own personal lyrics to Louis Armstrong's legendary "What A Wonderful World",  as well as creating paintings which capture their interpretation of what they love about the natural world. We will also be revisiting Place Value and Times Tables in Maths which will help the children to begin to think about their targets and how they can move their own learning forward. 

Our PE day is on a Tuesday so please make sure that your kit is in school as we are no longer able to lend any spare kits out. Also, please ensure that reading books are brought into school each day as we have daily quiet reading sessions in order to build reading stamina and independence. Colouring pencils and felt tip pens can be brought in from home providing they fit into their desk drawers.

If you have any queries or concerns then, as always, please feel free to email school on

Thanks once again for an amazing first week, Talland!
Miss Randle, Mr Bishop and Mrs Evered.


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