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Tuesday's Learning Grid (2.3.21) 


I thoroughly enjoyed our learning this morning. I hope that you have created some amazing World Book Day characters - Walliams, you will have chance to finish off this afternoon whilst the Dahls and Seuss' have their guided reading with myself and Mrs Thomas. 

Below is the list of work that I would like you to start collecting up to bring into school next week. Don't worry if you haven't got a particular piece, just bring something else in for that subject.


  • Best copy Information Text and marking ladder (self assessment)
  • Space Log plan, first draft and best copy
  • Write It See It sentence writing (either pictures)



  • Grid method multiplication
  • a piece of work showing your chosen division method
  • Your Area and Perimeter assessment
  • Any work on Fractions


  • Meteor crater experiment
  • Any research on Space
  • Any work on plants/food groups
  • Your abstract space picture

Tuesday's learning grid and resources are attached. 


See you at 9:30.

Miss Randle

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Monday's Learning (1.3.21) 

Hey there, Talland Class. So it looks like we are into our last week of remote learning and we have already settled back into term. You are accessing the online learning extremely well and I am so amazed at how many of you are able to switch between TEAMS meetings, watching the Maths Vimeo videos to support your learning and then come back to me for the end of the session.

As you know, it is World Book Day on Thursday 4th, and just because we are not all together in class, we can still share the excitement the day brings. So for Monday afternoon, you have a task on the blog. This is to create your favourite book character out of items you have to hand. This could be a paper plate, pebble, wooden spoon, potato, lolly stick, shoe box, pillow case or t-shirt. You can still dress up on the day (I might be) but it would be nice for you to show me what characters you like to read about.

This week, we will be continuing to read the story, The Tin Forest, immersing ourselves with the language and illustrations, and moving our Fraction knowledge onto look at equivalent fractions and adding/subtracting same denominations. 

Our Enquiry will take us to plant life. Studying parts of a plant, what conditions plants need to grow and the importance of Photosynthesis. 

See Monday's Learning grid and resources below. I may add to it before Monday,  but for now, enjoy the weekend.

Miss Randle

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Friday's Learning Grid (26.2.21) 

It's Friday, Talland Class and it's been a lovely first week back after half term. We have begun to investigate where some of our food originates from and what types of produce we may be able to grow in our School Garden.

Friday afternoon's task is to identify our five main foods groups and construct a balanced meal (either by drawing, art and craft or producing the real thing).  Please email me your creations as I will use them to build up a display for us to add to when we all return to the classroom. Thank you for your English work sent in from Thursday morning's lesson - there are some amazing interpretations based upon the words Mrs Thomas provided. We will continue to explore this amazing text...

Friday's learning grid and resources are attached. 

Please can I have today's afternoon task in for marking.

Take care and see you at 9:30!

Miss Randle

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Thursday's Learning (25.2.21) 

Hi there, Talland and thank you for another lovely morning together.

I hope you have managed to locate where your favourite foods come from around the world?!

Thursday's learning grid and resources are attached below. We will begin to learn about our new story The Tin Forest and I think that we need to create a display like this awesome one in the picture when you all return to the classroom - what do you think?

Singing with Mrs Butlin is at 1pm - 1:30pm so log onto the invite (sent today) five minutes before. The song words are attached today - as we said earlier, you will be singing about chocolate and Spring. AWESOME!

Walliams, you will need to log back in for your guided reading session with me at 1:45. I will go over this all tomorrow morning.

POLITE NOTICE: Please can I have your English and your afternoon Science tasks emailed into me for marking please.

See you at 9:30!

Miss Randle

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Wednesday's Learning Grid (24.2.21) 

Hi Talland! It's great to have you all back 'albeit still virtual for now'. 

I hope that the Maths groupings were productive today. Myself and Mrs Thomas were happy that we could get to all pupils who needed our support a lot easier this way. We will continue with the format tomorrow.

I have attached the learning grid and resources for Wednesday below. Can someone remind me to go over the afternoon lesson as I want to make sure the activity is clear and easy for you to access. Quick challenge for you all... Which of the foods you have researched has travelled to the UK the farthest? Is it a food you regularly eat? Are you surprised to find it is not from the UK? We will build up a list of produce which we can begin to grow in our school garden over the nest few months so get researching! 

Many thanks and see you at 9:30!

Miss Randle

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Tuesday's Learning Grid (23.2.21) 

Welcome back, Talland Class!

We hope you've had a relaxing break from remote learning and are ready for the challenge of a new enquiry! As we discussed at the end of last half term, our new enquiry question is Do You Have To Sow It To Grow It?

We will be investigating:

Science - parts, functions and life cycle of a plant and linking nutrition with humans as animals (digestive system, eating a balanced diet, types of teeth and their functions)
Geography - where our food comes from, farming around the world, the impact of Climate Change and what it means to buy Fair Trade produce

History - we will be looking into the history of chocolate (yum), plants used for medicine and trading throughout the years.

For English
, we will be studying the amazing text, The Tin Forest by Helen Ward (see the stunning illustration below). We will be creating a Book Trailer (combining English with ICT) as well as writing the ending for the story, applying our creative writing skills.

In Maths
, it is Fractions! Please don't cower in a corner - it will be fun and engaging and I guarantee you'll succeed!

Below is the Learning Grid and resources for Tuesday. Don't forget Dahls and Seuss' have guided reading at 1pm. 

See you all at 9:30!

Miss Randle and Mrs Thomas

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Half Term! 

"We are at the end of a long and 'different' half term. In the space of six weeks I have learnt to work TEAMS, share and present Power Points and children's learning, manage 'breakout' rooms to tailor support, edit work to provide feedback via email and manage microphone muting/chat/gifs and other 'technical blips' whilst we were LIVE. Phew! I know how far I've come and I can't even begin to think about how challenging it has been for you as parents/carers and the children to navigate and adapt to.

I would therefore just like to say a huge THANK YOU to you all. Without your support as parents and the dedication and commitment the children have to their learning, my job this half term would have been a lot harder.

Time now for us all to relax and recharge our batteries. Have a lovely week everyone, and see you back online on Tuesday 23rd February!"




Friday's Learning Grid (12.2.21) 

Happy Friday, Tallanders!

We've all made it to the last day of half term. Well done guys!

Today, we will be assessing our learning and setting a new target in Maths. We will be writing up our best copy Space Log in English and then completing our Enquiry with a piece of Space Art. Your task to think about tonight is, "Have we answered our enquiry question, 'What's Infinity and Where's Beyond?" We have researched our Solar System, created experiments into how craters are formed, identified the early star-gazers and how their views on our Solar System has changed over the years and designed a new planet, based on the facts we already knew about planet formations. PHEW! You could take this further by investigating: What will happen to our Sun in the future? What is a Black Hole? What is beyond our Solar System? Is there more than one galaxy?

Friday's grid and resources are below. We have a whole-school assembly at 11am where we will share and celebrate our learning for the half term. PARENTS: Can I please have the Maths assessment, English Space Log best copy with plan and the abstract art in today. 

POLITE NOTICE: I have attached an end of half term reflection which each class teacher is asking their children to complete. This is so that we can see how you have found our remote learning during this past few weeks and is a chance for you to share what you have enjoyed about learning online and share any ideas you may have so we can support you further when we return to remote learning on the 23rd February. Just email this back to me during half term so I can have a look through it and act on any concerns where possible.

See you at 9:30!

Miss Randle

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Thursday's Learning Grid (11.2.21) 

Half term is nearly upon us and it is time to start wrapping up our learning for this part of the Spring term. We have had a lovely time exploring our Solar System and discovering new and exciting planets! Just take a look at Ollie's Space Art picture - wow! How did you create the craters in the Moon? So today, we will be completing our Space Log which will be full of description about our new findings and the incredible space vehicle which has been used to explore the newly-discovered 9th planet in our Solar System!

It is a busy day for us Tallanders. There is a morning lesson as normal today vut as we are singing at 1pm and Whacky Walliams have their Guided Reading session at 1:45, I want to make sure that there is plenty of time away from the screens. Therefore, English today will allow a good 30 minutes for children to independently complete their Space Log and add in any extra information they want to include. I will talk through the afternoon's activities with the children so that they are clear on what tasks they are expected to do and it what time.

Remember to have your songs ready for the singing session - they were attached to the blog yesterday. It is a great opportunity for Talland to join forces with Landaviddy and Chaipel for a whole school singing extravagansa! 

Thursday's grid and resources are attached.

Thanks for your ongoing support and see you at 9:30!

Miss Randle

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Wednesday's Learning Grid (10.2.21) 

Hey Talland!

Here is Wednesday's grid and resources. For Maths, I've attached the main worksheet for all to print. There is then a Maths 2 and a Super Challenge. This is so that pupils can progress whenever they are ready to during the lesson. Please don't feel you need to print them all. The Maths 2 and Super Challenge can be done from just downloading the file and problem solving from the screen. The Super Challenge has a range of possible outcomes so email me your work if you complete this and I'll feedback as soon as I can.

Sorry, Walliams, about the mix up with the Reading Comprehension questions. Miss R had accidentally attached Chapter 4 questions instead of Chapter 1's - silly me! The breakout room today went well and so I will be doing the same again during Maths, as it gives us all chance to move our learning forward in our own pace.

Anyway, Wednesday's grid has our PE session planned for the afternoon. Although the video introduces the session for Year 3, objectives are taken from the curriculum for Key Stage 2 (Years 3-6). Have a go but please make sure that a grown up is around to make sure that obstacles and hazards are at a minimum. 

Art is to draw an abstract picture from observation. This will lead into a free hand drawing on Friday. The picture is at the bottom of the grid to copy from, or if you'd rather research the artist (Peter Thorpe), you can choose from a range of his artwork to draw from. This picture shows another example of this artist's work. He is truly amazing!

SINGING: We are lucky to have another singing session on Thursday at 1pm-1:30pm. Please find attached the three songs you will need for Thursday's session to have a look at prior to the session. An invitation has been sent to you via TEAMS - you access the usual way through your calendar. Whacky Walliams, your Guided Reading session will be at 1:30 afterwards this week.

POLITE NOTICE: Parents, please may I have the English (completed Space Log), Art and Maths in from today so that I can mark and provide feedback.

Thanks, and see you at 9:30!

Miss Randle

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