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Unfortunately we can't ask you to come in at the moment for our usual 'Meet the Teacher' session. Instead, please watch this video which provides information about our class and how you can support your child at home. I have attached the class timetable and the spellings lists (Year 5s please refer to 3/4 list for now) which I refer to in the video. 

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Terrific Tallanders!  

We've had another fun-packed and busy week in Talland. Writing letters, revising place value understanding, writing song lyrics and painting their own interpretations of 'Our Wonderful World' are just a few of the things they have been doing.  The children even got to go swimming and complete the active mile most days. AMAZING!

So this week we will complete our unit on 'Here We Are', looking at the people and animals which we live amongst on Earth. We will think about how we treat and respect each other as well as provide advice and suggestions (in the form of a leaflet) on how others can still have fun and enjoy what Planet Earth has to offer during these strange times. Place Value is still our focus for Maths as well as daily times table practice. Hopefully the weather will be kind to us and we will be able to go swimming on Tuesday - please ensure that your child has a swimming hat or they will not be able to swim. 

We encourage children to be responsible for changing their own reading book so if they have not yet done so, we will remind them of the routine and they will have a new read this week. We still encourage daily reading to improve fluency, stamina  and ask the children to complete a reading task, in school, on completion of the book to show their comprehension of the text.

Please ensure PE kits are in every day. Once they are bought in they needn't go home until the end of half term unless they really need a wash. Unfortunately, children can no longer bring in Show and Tell during this time as we are limiting personal belongings going back and forth from school to home. Thank you, in advance, for your support in this!

We have a student teacher starting in Talland Class on Monday. Her Name is Mrs Thomas and she will be with us for most of the year as she completes her teacher training. I'm sure she will fit right in and will be a valuable member of the class this year.

Please rest assured that the children have already settled back into school life and Talland truely is a happy class to be a part of!

Miss Randle, Mr Bishop and Mrs Evered.



What a lovely week we have had together, Talland Class. It's been lovely to see you all again and we have all quickly settled back into school life. Parents, thank you for your patience as we are all getting used to the new routines for drop off and pick up - it is much appreciated.

This past week Talland have enjoyed learning about the world we live in and have written some amazing poems, learnt more about our friends in class, talked about people who are special to us and created some fantastic classroom displays - really making Talland Class our own! I think your 'Getting To Know You Again' activity looks incredible on display - what do you think? We have also had our first 'online' assembly with Mrs Hillman and the rest of the classes and it was lovely to see everyone smiling and enjoying being back at school.

This week we are continuing with the HERE WE ARE theme and will be virtually 'travelling' out of our local environment to look into the world we live in. We will be expressing our thoughts and feelings through writing our own personal lyrics to Louis Armstrong's legendary "What A Wonderful World",  as well as creating paintings which capture their interpretation of what they love about the natural world. We will also be revisiting Place Value and Times Tables in Maths which will help the children to begin to think about their targets and how they can move their own learning forward. 

Our PE day is on a Tuesday so please make sure that your kit is in school as we are no longer able to lend any spare kits out. Also, please ensure that reading books are brought into school each day as we have daily quiet reading sessions in order to build reading stamina and independence. Colouring pencils and felt tip pens can be brought in from home providing they fit into their desk drawers.

If you have any queries or concerns then, as always, please feel free to email school on

Thanks once again for an amazing first week, Talland!
Miss Randle, Mr Bishop and Mrs Evered.


Welcome back to school 


Welcome back and welcome to Talland Class! As you can see, Mr Bishop, Mrs Evered and I have been very busy getting the classroom ready for us. All of our familiar things are still here: The Cat In The Hat and The Lorax, our Reading Tower, familiar displays which help you to learn and above all... Bobby The Ball. Can you spot him?

You'll notice a new display which is titled, 'Here We Are'. This is what you will be learning about over the next couple of weeks and this wall will soon be filled with your paintings, poetry, pictures and writing - you know how much I love to show off how amazing you all are!

The adults are really excited to be able to welcome you all back and can't wait to hear what you've been up to. Have you learnt something new? Got better at something through lots of practice (riding your bike or mastering a times table)? We look forward to sharing your stories.  

We have some new friends joining Talland Class and I am looking forward to getting to know them; I am sure they will fit right in. Finally, I bet you are wondering about the fish...

They are settling into their new classroom and waiting to see you all again!

See you all soon, 
Miss Randle, Mr Bishop and Mrs Evered


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