Health and wellbeing during Coronavirus

Many of us are online a lot more at the moment, and while there are many benefits to this method of communication, there are also cautions too. 

Please visit our online safety resources page for tips using various games/platforms.

Staying healthy and well during COVID-19

This will be a testing time for many of us. We all need to get through this change to our lives together by sharing advice and support with each other. Yours and your children’s well-being is important. While the sun shines it is a little easier to get children outside to play but as the lockdown takes effect it will become increasingly difficult. Please keep in touch with Head Teachers and staff, via email whether your children are attending school or not if you feel there is anything, we can do to support you.

Please look at some resources below that you may find useful.

Local School Links

Please visit the Community Links page for local support which you may find useful.

Trust communications

Please visit the Bridge Schools Trust 'Covid-19' page for information and regular updates on our response to Coronavirus (Covid-19).

At Bridge Schools Trust we are grateful for your feedback on our home learning provision. Please take 2 minutes to complete our survey at the link below, thank you.

Home Learning Survey

This is understandably a challenging time for everyone. For many, our day-to-day lives have changed so much over the last few weeks.

If you are feeling anxious about Coronavirus (COVID-19), here are some tips that you may find useful.

Please do take time to talk to your family, friends and contact helplines should you wish to talk about the virus. Alongside this, try to keep some basic routine with your children, if they are at home with you.
Gives you useful guidance if you are worried about staying home, self-isolating, staying indoors, continuing to take your medication ...

NSPCC - online safety
This link supports you to understand the risks and keep your child safe online ...
Really helpful for managing stress within the home, hygiene, routines, keeping active ...

Guidance if you or someone you live with has symptoms. Stay hydrated, time periods for isolation, keeping your family safe ...

The sites below may be useful to support you in keeping your children safe online: There are more links under our 'Useful Links' menu tab (under 'Keeping Safe' on main menu).

Please stay connected with your children at this time. They need us.

Education Guidance from DfE.

Balancing adults and children's worries


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