Encouraging High Attendance

At Polperro Primary Academy we are committed to ensuring every child has the opportunity to achieve their full potential:

•Days off school add up to lost learning
•Please don’t let your children miss out on the education they deserve
•Every school day counts

To encourage full attendance:

•We have half termly assemblies to celebrate high levels of attendance. Children with 100% attendance are rewarded with certificates and prizes
•A ‘prize draw’ is in place which all children who attend school for a whole calendar month are entered into. That’s 11 chances to win per year, culminating In July with the child whose name is drawn out winning a bike and helmet up to £150
•Parents receive information regarding attendance through text messages, newsletters and via the website
•Letters are sent home to parents when their child’s attendance falls below 90% and this is followed up by a meeting with the Governing Body Attendance Committee should there not be an improvement
•The Education Welfare Officer visits the school regularly to discuss attendance

We believe that children need to be in School for all sessions, so they can make the most progress possible. However, we do understand that there are exceptional circumstances under which a parent may legitimately request leave of absence for a child (other than medical appointments). We expect parents to write to the Governing Body detailing the length of time required and the exceptional circumstances which necessitate the leave of absence. This committee meets on the first Thursday of every month and you will hear within two working days of the Committee’s decision.

Please try to ensure all medical appointments are made outside school hours.

If you require any information or support with regard to your child’s attendance, please contact the School or the Education Welfare Officer who will be happy to assist you.


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Bridge Schools Absence Request Form March22.docx
Bridge Schools Absence Request Form March22.docx
Bridge Schools Attendance Policy.pdf
Bridge Schools Attendance Policy.pdf
Cornwall Council Achieving High Attendance.pdf
Cornwall Council Achieving High Attendance.pdf



DMBC Sammie Good Attendance Poster.pdf
DMBC Sammie Good Attendance Poster.pdf


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