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We are looking forward to another terrific year of fun-filled events and activities, and we warmly encourage you to get involved. Volunteering is a great way to make friends and make a difference in your children's lives. We are very fortunate to have many generous volunteers, but we always need more.

What is FOPS?

FOPS is our name for the group of parents and staff who meet regularly to:

•raise funds for the school to enrich our curriculum and learning
•help parents and families to feel connected with school life and feel part of the community.


Over the past few years we have organised a number of fundraising events, from a music night and auction (hosted by Richard Madeley) to cake, craft, Christmas and Strawberry Fayres.  Always fun and well attended monies raised have helped to subsidise school trips,  cameras for each class, music equipment, mini visualizers, sports equipment, clothing (including dungarees for the infant classes) and contributing to new iPads which have been a great addition to learning in the classroom.

What can I do to help?

You can become involved with FOPS in many ways. You can be part of a team organising an event, design a poster or two, decorate the school for Christmas or simply bake a cake! All contributions both large and small are hugely welcomed.

How can I contact FOPS?

To offer your support, or to find out more about any aspect of the work of FOPS, please email or ring the school office on 01503 272249

What Parents Say

" I just wanted to write and say what an absolutely fabulous afternoon I had yesterday afternoon. I was only able to come along after the lunch time break, but the children’s performances were all fantastic. You can see how happy all the children are under the care of all the devoted staff of the school, all looking happy and participating fully to their ability in such a variety of performances. I brought along Granny who also thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon, especially commenting on the excellent singing. Also while sitting on the front row of seats a lady and a young child came and sat next to me. She was from Bristol on holiday and was totally in awe of the children of Polperro and thought what a lovely thing for the children / school to be able to do.  The maypole dancing, country dancing, singing etc. You and the staff are a real credit to the Polperro School and thank you for letting our boys be part of it. "

" We are very pleased with the progress that XXXX has made this year.  His enthusiasm to learn in all subjects is evident. "

" XXXX loves Polperro CP School and has been welcomed in with open arms!  Lovely comments made about settling in, as this is most important for us all.  "

" XXXX always enjoys school and has gained a lot of confidence in her abilities this year. "

" XXXX enjoys school and we never have any problems with him wanting to go to school as he is always very eager! "

" Really pleased with all aspects of my child's school life. Thank you! "

" My child has settled in really well, we are very happy with her progress and she loves going to school. Two happy parents. Very well done! "

" Great school, fully recommend. Communication with parents is a huge positive. Great SMSC too! "

" A great, well rounded school. Friendly, approachable and happy. "

" My child has come along so well since being in Polperro Primary School. She is so happy and made lots of new friends. She adores her teachers which suggests to me this is a high quality school. "

" My child has been happy from his first day at Polperro, which makes us happy too!  The atmosphere at the school is calm and organised, welcoming and friendly. All staff are smiley, chatty and professional. Our son's learning has gome from strength to strength and I am confident it will continue to do so. "

" An excellent environment for my child - he is happy and learning well. "

" I would never consider sending my children to another school as they would never be able to come up to your standards. We are 100% happy!!!"

"Our child has progressed beyond our expectations. Thank you to all staff."

"Both my children enjoy school and are making excellent progress. Staff provide a caring environment. Thank you"

"We would recommend Polperro School to another parent and have already done so. We are very pleased with how well our child has done so far at this school and are very pleased with how much they are enjoying school life. So thank you for making them so settled and for making them feel so welcome"

"Polperro School is a lovely, friendly environment. I would strongly recommend it to anyone with children. The teachers are always approachable and always consider any points I raise with great care and consideration."

What Others Say

'' Behaviour throughout the school was impeccable - children all on task in lessons and moving about the school - holding doors open for adults etc... Behaviour for learning was very strong - children were all on task and being 'reachers' " - Chris Gould, Maths Consultant.

''Most pupils behave to a high standard, are polite, hardworking, they are a credit to the school'' - Mark Lees, School Improvement Advisor

" To everyone concerned with the Festival Schools Day

As visitors to Polperro we really enjoyed all the performances given by your enthusiastic and talented pupils today. The happy family atmosphere and good behaviour of your pupils is evidence that your staff are a wonderful, hard-working team with a caring, supportive attitude to the children. Throughout the day we could see the children being encouraged to be the best they could be, and frequently praised for their efforts.  A heart warming day!

With many thanks
 Ann & Colin Iles. "

Support for Parents

Parenting groups can give you the confidence that you know how to support your child and parents often find that they can learn a great deal from each other and benefit from the mutual support that a group can offer.

In this area of the website, you'll find details of some of the FREE parenting groups currently being run by the School or via other local groups and can include from help with homework, whether it's refreshing our maths skills or learning new techniques, through to courses relating to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Autistic Spectrum Condition.

For the latest available courses, see below.


No courses currently available, although if you have any questions regarding homework, please contact your child's teacher or Mrs Gilbert.


Incredible Years Parenting Programme - managing children's behaviour

Take 3 - Support for parents and carers of challenging teenagers

Time out for Special Needs including ASD and ADHD.

For further information contact: Benn Clarke, Parenting and Adult Education Lead 01752 847419

To book a place: and follow the Parenting Support link.


Our Values...



We are inspired by the awe and wonder of the world.



We are bold and innovative in our approach to find new solutions to the challenges we face.



We are the best we can be.



We take responsibility for our actions in an environment of mutual respect.



We overcome all barriers to reach our potential, developing a capacity to improve further.



We are passionate about learning.

Happy half term everyone. Please remember that there is a staff training day on Monday 1st November. The school reopens to pupils on Tuesday 2nd November.

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