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Learn at Home with Polperro Nursery

 Dear All,

To help you support your child to learn at home, here are some useful websites and activities which link with our learning at nursery.

We hope you can find time to learn alongside your child and the opportunity to talk to them about their learning. We will continue to update the blog with new learning weekly (not in the Easter Holidays) and we all look forward to hearing about the children's learning when we see them again.

Take care.

Julie, Jane and Ati

Please contact Julie with any learning queries.

EYFS: There are four guiding principles that should shape practice in early years settings. These are: Every child is a Unique Child, who is constantly learning and can be resilient, capable, confident and self-assured. Children learn to be strong and independent through positive relationships.We encourage early learning by: playing and exploring, active learning, creating and thinking critically. Therefore, we encourage this use of time with your child to build on these skills. Why not choose an activity from the list of 100 things to do indoors on the left of this page?


Please read to your child every day and talk about what you read together with friends and family. 'Teach Your Monster to Read' is available FREE on Google Play/Apple Store free to download - 

Phonics phase 1 environmental sounds

This week try the following activities:

Find Sounds at HomeLook around your home. Can your child find things that make sounds around the house? Washing machines, taps, creaky floorboards and hinges, toilet flushes, clocks. It may be fun to use this Sounds at Home Checklist (see below) and tick things off when you find them.

Play "I Hear with My Little Ear ..." Take it in turns to imitate the sound of something and guess what it is. Maybe you could try a clock, car, and pets.

We have been exploring numbers. Activities which will build on this are:
  • Board games- counting on  and back snakes and ladders.
  • cup stacking (counting how many you can use to build with).
  • counting steps e.g when walking up and down stairs.

Physical Development
Sing some action songs such as “The farmers in his den” and “the Hokey Cokey” or you could try some yoga!


Australia day 

Australia Day

Throughout this week we have being celebrating Australia Day. The children have enjoyed participating in various crafts including fingerprint boomerangs and tissue paper flags. We have learnt the names of some Australian animals and enjoyed a visit from Andy who brought in his didgeridoo to play for us. The children enjoyed having a turn and found some of the sounds they made very funny!


Fire engine 

The fire engine

This week we have enjoyed having a visit from our local firefighters.
They discussed fire safety, showed us what clothes they wear, showed us the fire engine and the children had the most fun having a go with the hose and spraying the water. A fun time was had by everyone.


Welcome back 

Welcome back

We would like to say hello and welcome back to all of our parents and children and especially to our new families.
This week we are beginning to talk about ourselves and people who are important to us. We have had lots of discussions and are planning to paint some portraits and pictures of our homes soon.


Christmas sing along 

Christmas sing-a-long

Thank you to everyone that came and supported us at our Christmas sing-a-long. The children looked great dressed up in their Santa, Christmas tree, reindeer and star costumes. They all joined in so well and sang beautifully.


Hand washing  

This is the way we wash our hands

This week we had a visit from the district nurse who came to show the children how we wash our hands properly and to raise awareness of the importance of good hand washing. The children took part in a hand washing activity with emphasis on the importance of using soap. They then observed their hands under a special UV light to see how well they had washed them.



Remembrance day

The children have enjoyed taking part in different craft activities to mark this day. This included making fingerprint poppy wreaths and poppies using fruit and vegetables.


Bonfire night 


This week we are busy creating firework pictures for our display. The children have so far used a range of materials including paint, paper and chalk. We have discussed colour, texture and sounds associated with fireworks and bonfire night.


Food bank donations 

Autumn food bank collection 

We would like to say a big thank you to everybody from nursery and school who donated items for our Autumn food bank collection. All items were very much appreciated and we thank you for your support.



Thank you 

We would like to say a big thank you to everybody that donated their unwanted items of clothing to bags2school. We appreciate your support and will let you all know when the next collection will be.


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